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    Bruce Babcock

    Applauded by Aaron Copland, inspired by Desmond Tutu, and mentored by Hugo Friedhofer and Earle Hagen, Bruce Babcock has spent his working life composing music for the musicians of Los Angeles.

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    Jan Bach

    DeKalb IL, Illinois

    Writing tonal music for seventy years and still getting away with it.

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    Mary Lynn Badarak

    Member of ACF Atlanta Chapter since 1999, MLBadarak composes for chorus, orchestra, chamber ensembles. Available for commissions and workshops in composition and choral music.

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    Scott Baeseman

    Chicago area composer with special interest in composing traditional sacred choral music and solo music for voice.

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    Jacques Bailhé

    Los Angeles

    Orchestral and jazz composer. Especially interested in dance and theater.

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    Richard C. Bailly

    Composer, arranger, parodist.  Secular and religious music, many combinations of instruments and voices.  Some works utilize traditional harmonic structure, but many are written employing a modified 12-tone system.

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    Regina Harris Baiocchi

    Regina Harris Baiocchi: composer, author, poet, educator

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    Kent Baker

    Kent is a retired hornist/composer with The United States Air Force Band, DC. An award-winning composer, Kent studied with Dr. Roque Cordero at Illinois State University and Mark Camphouse at George Mason University.

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    Erica J. Ball

    composer, instrumentalist, educator

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    Nathan Ball