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    C D

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    R. Michael Daugherty

    More than half of the works that I’ve written have been composed since my retirement.  My catalog of compositions contains over 300 works, including song cycles, choral works and pieces for orchestra, band, chamber ensembles and solo instruments.  My vocal music is text-driven, where the music enhances the meaning of the written word, and my instrumental music strives for accessibility within the context of pantonal techniques.

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    Rudy Davenport

    Rudy Davenport is a freelance composer, pianist & church musician residing in Austin, Texas. Born in 1948 in Hayesville, North Carolina. His deep appreciation for the mystery & majesty of these surroundings still profoundly affect his life and music.

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    Tina Davidson

    "Rhythmically driving, with fascinatingly simple harmonic changes, Davidson brings a  sense  of beauty and emotion to a strict organizational structure; a rarity."  Philadelphia Inquirer

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    Michael J. Davis

    An award-winning flutist and composer specializing in instruments of bamboo, glass and cedar as well as the more familiar western flute.

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    Tyson Davis

    New York