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    Douglas Shambo II

    A Career Dedicated to Sacred Music

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    Inez S. McComas

    New York City

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    Ethan Sadoian

    Composer, pianist, church musician, choral singer, arranger, writer, scholar, student, film score enthusiast.

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    Gabriel Sakakeeny


  • Profile picture of Phil Salathe

    Phil Salathe

    Composer, educator, jazz musician, author, journalist.

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    Paul Salerni

    Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

    Composer specializing in narrated pieces, opera, art song, and music for the violin. Principal collaborator:  Dana Gioia. Also expert on the music of Earl Kim.

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    Robert Saman

    I am constantly striving to compose colorful and mood-evoking sounds for stimulation or relaxation, wistful thoughts, mental scenery, or listening pleasure for massage therapy. The love for music is not's felt.

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    Greg Sanders

    Born in 1957, the music of American Composer Greg Sanders has been called "Powerful" by Tim Page of the New York Times and is in demand both in this country and abroad. He is a Texas A&M University Regents Professor and currently serves as Coordinator of Music Theory and Composition at Texas A&M University-Kingsville.

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    Felicia Sandler

    Boston, Massachusetts

    I am a composer of concert music with a particular love for choral art.

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    Jonathan Santore

    My primary goal as a composer is communication -- passionate, urgent communication.

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    Vincent Sanzotti

    Mr. Sanzotti and his wife Claudette reside in Center Townsip, Butler County. They have five children, all married and 10 grandchildren, and two Great grand children.