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    Peter Vitale

    I'm a wearer of many hats; Musician, Actor, Composer, Writer, Live sound artist, Husband and Father. Currently, the Music Director for Ten Thousand Things Theater in Minneapolis whose mission is to bring "lively, intelligent, professional theater to people with little access to the wealth of the arts-who in turn help our artists and traditional audiences reimagine what theater can be."

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    Ted Vives

    Los Alamos, New Mexico

    Ted Vives is a Composer/Conductor residing in Los Alamos, New Mexico

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    Sergey Volkov

    A Russian composer of instrumental, vocal and choral music with roots in harmonic and contrapunctal tradition of Russian and western-European music.

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    Marina Voyskun

    Music editor, copyist, and proofreader

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    Jack Van Zandt

    A veteran composer of concert music, sonic sculptures, soundscapes, new media works and ambient environments for public spaces and gallery installations. He also composes music for television, film and advertising.