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    Joel A Martin

    I am a composer/pianist/producer. In the last 2 years, I wrote a full opera "HIPOPERA," a social justice orchestral work "Running for Your Life", and "Life in the Age of Covid," a 13 mvtm 72 minute orchestral work based on my own experiences as a Covid survivor. All works are in production this summer with releases in the fall.

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    Thomas A. Nazziola

    I am a composer/orchestrator living in New York City. I compose for a variety of mediums including: orchestral music, chamber ensembles (classical, jazz, contemporary and ethnic), choir, TV and film.

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    American Composers Orchestra

    American Composers Orchestra (ACO) is the only orchestra in the world dedicated to the creation, performance, preservation, and promulgation of music by American composers.

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    Michael A. Wittgraf

    Acoustic and Electronic. First love: hard-edged, dissonant, information-packed music -- electronic and acoustic.