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    Alta Graham

    My work is tonal, and is currently focused on the use of modal and constructed scales.

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    Ulf Grahn

    Ulf Grahn, award wining composer of works for orchestra, chamber, solo, choir, theatre and dance. In 1973 he founded the Contemporary Music Forum, in Washington, D.C. and served as its Program Director until 1984. During 1988-90 he was Artistic and Managing Director of the Music at Lake Siljan Festival, Sweden. Prior to this he was on the faculty of George Washington University and Director of its Electronic Music Studio. Currently working as a full time composer out of his home in Takoma Park.Md   His music is available on SoundCloud, MySpace, YouTube, Spotify etc. 

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    Jonathon Grasse

    Los Angeles, California

    My works reflect the nature in which they were invited into the world. Some written for friends and colleagues, others on a whim, still others representing entirely personal, abstract notions of rethinking what a composition might be.

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    Bettina Gray

    Composer, Orchestrator, Arranger.  Also Videographer/Interview Host (PBS, VISION-TV, AFRTS, Independent). Currently Composer-In-Residence with Slavyanka Russian Chorus, San Francisco, California and teaching composition and arranging privately.

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    Stanley Grill

    Haworth, New Jersey

    Stanley Grill is a classical composer whose passion for medieval and Renaissance music has greatly influenced his writing. Two main themes permeate many of his works – music composed in an attempt to translate something about the nature of the physical world, and music composed to inspire and promote world peace.