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Upcoming performances:

Inversion Ensemble Coda presents Aether Earth—conservation nature
The Song of the Harp Seal (2019) by Adrienne Inglis (ASCAP) for SSA chorus and harp
10 Aug 2019 at 7 PM at Saint John United Methodist Church, Austin, Texas
11 Aug 2019 at 3 PM Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Austin, Texas

Balcones Community Orchestra under the direction of Robert Radmer
[Untitled] (2019) by Adrienne Inglis (ASCAP) for flute, harp, and string orchestra
22 Sep 2019 at 4 PM (world première) Lakeway Activity Center


Born in Berkeley, California, Adrienne Inglis learned to play the flute and piano as a child. She received a Bachelor of Music degree in flute performance from Lewis and Clark College (1982) and a Master of Music degree from the University of Texas at Austin (1986). In 1992 she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering from UT Austin. An avid birder and environmentalist, she resides in Lago Vista, Texas, freelances, and teaches flute at Southwestern University and plays principal flute of the Central Texas Philharmonic. She performs, records, and tours with flutes/harp ensemble, Chaski. As a founding member, she composes and sings with Inversion Ensemble. Frequently drawing on her Venezuelan heritage, Inglis composes mainly chamber and choral music. Adrienne Inglis is a member of the American Composers Forum and A.S.C.A.P., the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers.

Describe your music

As both a composer and performer, I want my music to invite the listener into a shared musical experience in which our common hopes, joys, and sorrows mingle with familiar texts, haunting modalities, and folk rhythms. Weaving voices with harp, flutes, and guitars brings together beautiful aural colors in an acoustical setting. My compositional process usually starts with a carefully selected text of scripture, poetry, or liturgy. The text itself suggests its own rhythmic underpinning, musical architecture, and melodic shape. I may challenge myself to compose in a certain modality or meter that I feel best suits the material. As a member of the music ensemble, Chaski, I collaborate with my colleagues to select, transcribe, arrange, rehearse, and perform programs that inspire mutual understanding and learning. As a composer and singer in Austin's C4-affliated choral collective, Inversion Ensemble, I regularly contribute new works and sing my colleague's compositions.

Interested in collaborating with

choral ensembles, flutists, orchestras

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[Untitled] (2019) by Adrienne Inglis (ASCAP) for flute, harp, and string orchestra, composed especially for Balcones Community Orchestra, celebrates the life and work of Maria Sibylla Merian (1647-1717), pioneering entomologist, naturalist, and artist. Chaski flute/harp duo with flutist Adrienne Inglis and harpist Shana Norton will also perform the Texas première of Le barde muet by Bernard Andrés. The free performance is Sunday, September 22, 2019 at 4 PM at the Lakeway Activity Center at 105 Cross Creek, Lakeway, Texas 78734 with the Balcones Community Orchestra under the direction of Robert Radmer.

The Song of the Harp Seal (2019) by Adrienne Inglis (ASCAP) for SSA chorus and harp, composed especially for Inversion Ensemble Coda, sets to music Gillean McDougall’s poem of the same name, commissioned by the composer for this project. This work tells the story of a mother harp seal and her pup forced south of their usual Arctic range by the climate crisis. The pup ingests plastic pollution which contributes to her death near the shores of the Isle of Skye. Scottish legend mixes with modern tragedy as mermaids beckon in Gaelic to the harp pup and close by summoning the audience to remember the harp seal.
Duration: 3:40
Inversion Ensemble Coda presents Aether Earth—conservation nature
10 Aug 2019 at 7 PM at Saint John United Methodist Church, Austin, Texas (world première)
11 Aug 2019 at 3 PM Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Austin, Texas (world première)

The Rage and Reconciliation of King Lear (2019) by Adrienne Inglis (ASCAP) for mixed chorus, bassoon, and piano, a setting of passages from Shakespeare’s King Lear with signature phrases of the Rev. Dr. Milton H. Riemer, commissioned by Jonathan Riemer in memory of his father Rev. Dr. Milton Henry Riemer (1933-2018).
Duration: 5:10
Inversion Ensemble presents Heroes and Monsters: songs of legends & beasts
1 Jun 2019* Westminster Presbyterian Church, Austin, Texas (world première)
2 Jun 2019* Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Austin, Texas (world première)
*featuring Original Pronunciation

Asleep in a Blanket Spun of Energy (2019) by Adrienne Inglis (ASCAP) for a cappella mixed chorus, a setting of We Are Returning Always by Margaret Noodin.
Duration 4:15

Asleep in a Blanket Spun of Energy (2019) by Adrienne Inglis (ASCAP) with electronic dance track by Trevor F. Shaw (ASCAP) for mixed chorus and electronic track, a setting of We Are Returning Always by Margaret Noodin.
Duration 4:44
Inversion Ensemble presents Dream Keeper: songs of sleep & vision
2 Mar 2019 at Westminster Presbyterian Church, Austin, Texas (world première)
3 Mar 2019 Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Austin, Texas (world première)

Innocent Blood (2018) for mezzo soprano solo, SATB, and flute/bass flute and organ, a setting of A Contemplation of God: Massachusetts Bay 1692 by Catherine Colvin, transcribed court records from Salem, Massachusetts, and excerpts from Bay Psalm Book, pub. 1698
Duration 20:00
Sheet music is available for purchase here.
Inversion Ensemble concerts
6 Oct 2018 Austin, Texas (world première)
7 Oct 2018 Austin, Texas (world première)
On May 13, 2019, Austin Critics Table announced that Innocent Blood by Adrienne Inglis was nominated for best Original Composition/Score for 2018-19. Inversion Ensemble’s concert I, Too, Sing America, the concert on which it was performed, was nominated for best Concert/Opera performance.
On December 28, 2018, Inversion Ensemble’s “I, Too, Sing America” concert was listed by Robert Faires in the Austin Chronicle as one of Austin’s top ten ten classical music experiences of 2018: “8) I, Too, Sing America (Inversion Ensemble) A history lesson through choral music, speaking to struggles present and past (e.g., witch trials in Adrienne Inglis’ forceful Innocent Blood), with the choir's united voices ever a symbol of e pluribus unum.”
"I enjoyed the concert very much. And congratulations to you on your work, Innocent Blood. Having read about it in your invitation, I knew what to expect, but I was unprepared for how strongly it resonated in the midst of the Kavanaugh hearings. Seeing a single woman being interrogated by a group of men predisposed not to believe what she had to say and not willing to change their minds no matter what she said was especially chilling. How little has changed in three centuries. I also appreciated the theatrical flourishes you incorporated; they added to the isolation and persecution of Page's character and to the overall impact of the work." --Robert Faires, Austin Chronicle, October 2018

El sol (2018) for SATB, cuatro (or guitar), and harp, a setting of Soneto XXXIII by Luis Martín de la Plaza in the style of a Venezuelan joropo
Duration 2:30
Inversion Ensemble concerts
2 Jun 2018 at Central Christian Church in Austin, Texas (world première)
3 Jun 2018 at Pflugerville United Methodist Church in Pflugerville, Texas
Selected for inclusion on Inversion Ensemble’s upcoming 2019 album recording

Cochineal (2017) for SATB and electronic dance track created by Walter Torres, a setting of a traditional recipe for dying alpaca wool with cochineal
Cochineal combines earthy and electronic to set to music the ancient Andean recipe for dyeing alpaca wool with cochineal, an insect full of carminic acid that feeds on prickly pear cactus. Composed for SATB chorus and electronic dance track, the recipe depicts the synthesis of insects, alpaca wool, minerals, water, fire, sun, time, and a couple of unusual ingredients to create colorful beauty. Using Andean harmonies and scales, the music captures the grandeur of the Andes mountains and the artisanal tradition of hand-crafting colorful yarn from local natural ingredients. The computer-generated electronic track created using Logic Pro X features original sound design and compelling dance rhythms. Cochineal is the first musical collaboration between Adrienne Inglis and Walter Torres. Duration 5:07
Inversion Ensemble concerts
10 Feb 2018 in Cedar Park, Texas (world première)
24 Feb 2018 in Georgetown, Texas
25 Feb 2018 in Austin, Texas (
22 Jul 2018 Dallas, Texas

Pájaros for solo flute and strings (2017) captures the springtime songs of many Texas Hill Country birds, including the beloved Golden-cheeked Warbler, and sets them to flirtatious Latin rhythms, duration about 6:00.
Balcones Community Orchestra with director Robert Radmer and flute soloist Adrienne Inglis present the world premiére performance 17 Sep 2017 at Lakeway Activity Center, Lakeway, Texas (
Pájaros was also performed at the Inversion Ensemble concerts 30 Sep 2017 in Austin, Texas and 1 Oct 2017 in Pflugerville, Texas (
Pájaros was selected as one of 55 finalists chosen from almost 2200 entries from 76 countries in the Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra 2018 Call for Scores.

Letters to Faith (2017) SSAATTBB a cappella, a four-movement setting of excerpts from letters written by the composer's grandparents to her aunt Faith, duration 7:30
Inversion Ensemble (world première) 3 Jun 2017, Austin, Texas
The Sunshine of Your Smile from Letters to Faith was performed by Chorus Austin with conductor Ryan Heller at its Southwest Voices concert, which won the Austin Critic's Table Award 2017-18 for Classical Music Concert/Opera
5 May 2018 at St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, Austin, Texas
6 May 2018 at St. Paul Lutheran Church, Austin, Texas

On the Mystery of the Incarnation (2014) SATB chorus and string orchestra, a setting of Denise Levertov's poem of the same name from A Door in the Hive (1989) duration 3:21
Westminster Presbyterian Church Sanctuary Choir (world première) 6 Dec 2015, Austin, Texas
Inversion Ensemble 25 Feb 2017, Austin, Texas

A Noiseless Patient Spider (2014) flute, voice, and harp, a setting of Walt Whitman's poem of the same name from Leaves of Grass (1900) duration 2:30
Also arranged for flute and harp
Flood Relief Benefit Concert at Westminster Presbyterian Church, Austin, Texas (world première) 18 Jun 2015
Marta Stafford Fine Arts Gallery, Marble Falls, Texas 8 Jul 2016
House concert, San Rafael, California 22 Jul 2016
Family concert at Oakland Public Library, Oakland, California 23 Jul 2016
House concert, El Cerrito, California 23 Jul 2016
Family concert at Livermore Public Library, Livermore, California 24 Jul 2016
Chaski 8 Nov, 2016, Twilight Concerts, Lago Vista, Texas
Westminster Presbyterian Church, Concert for the Earth, Austin, Texas 26 Jan 2017

In Heaven and on Earth (2014) SATB chorus with flute and clàrsach (lever harp) or harp, a setting of Philippians 2:5-11 NRSV, duration 5:00 ( (
Chaski and Westminster Presbyterian Church Choir (world première) September 28, 2014 in Austin, Texas
Inversion Ensemble February 25, 2017, Austin, Texas

Crying Out in the Wilderness (2008), SATB chorus with harp, a setting of Luke 3:2b-6 NRSV, duration 2:50 (
Sheet music is available for purchase here.
Westminster Presbyterian Church (world première) December 6, 2009, Austin, Texas
University Presbyterian Church 7 Dec 2014, Austin, Texas
University Presbyterian Church 14 Dec 2014, Austin, Texas

There Will Be Signs (2007) SATB chorus with harp and bombo, setting of Luke 21:25-28 NRSV, duration 2:44

Precious Oil (2005) SATB a cappella, setting of Psalm 133 from Marchiene Vroon Rienstra's Swallow's Nest: A Feminine Reading of the Psalms, duration 2:10

Darkness as Light (2005, revised 2018) SATB with harp or keyboard accompaniment, setting of Psalm 139:7-12 NRSV
Duration 2:00
Sheet music is available for purchase here.
17 Aug 2005 Westminster Presbyterian Church Sanctuary Choir, Austin, Texas (world première)
12 Aug 2018 Inversion Ensemble Coda, Pflugerville, Texas
21 Oct 2018 Inversion Ensemble, Georgetown, Texas
26 Oct 2018 Concordia University Singers, Austin, Texas
9 Nov 2018 Inversion Ensemble, Lakeway, Texas
5 Apr 2019 Saint John's Singers, Saint John's United Methodist Church, Austin, Texas video

Do Not Be Afraid, Mary (2004) SATB with optional keyboard accompaniment, setting of annunciation scene, Luke 1:26-45,
Duration 1:40
Sheet music is available for purchase here.

Love (2004), setting of 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 for two-part children's choir

Maysajata cutayana (2002) huayno boliviano for zamponas, charango, and harp; recorded by Chaski on Viracocha (2005)

Misa trinitaria (2003) a six-movement Spanish language Latin American folk mass, treble voices, folk accompaniment, with optional soli TB, duration about 23 minutes, recorded by Chaski and Magnificat with director David Stevens on Chaski's CD, Viracocha (2005)
Entrada (auki auki)
Senor, ten piedad (vidala andina)
Gloria (huayno boliviano) Credo (merengue venezolano)
Santo (saya boliviana)
Cordero de Dios (zamba argentina)
23 Oct 2005 Chaski and Magnificat Benefit for SafePlace Westminster Presbyterian Church, Austin, Texas
23 Oct 2005 Chaski and Magnificat, St. David's Episcopal Church, Austin, Texas
7 Oct 2007 Chaski and Voci di Sorelle San Fernando Cathedral, San Antonio, Texas
13 Oct 2013 "Credo" from Misa trinitaria by Adrienne Inglis at Central Presbyterian Church, Austin, Texas
23 Nov 2014 Misa trinitaria with St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Cantate, Hot Springs Music Festival Chorus, Hot Springs, Arkansas
13 Jul 2019 at 7 PM "Santo" from Misa trinitaria with Inversion Ensemble Da Capo, Westminster Presbyterian Church Sanctuary, Austin, Texas

Salmo 140 (Psalm 140) (2001) Spanish-language scripture setting includes a congregational response

Bendición (Blessing) (2001) is a Bolivia sikuriada based on the Taizé piece Bless the Lord by Jacques Berthier.

Consejos del gaucho (1999) zamba argentina for baritone, quena, guitar, and harp; recorded by Chaski on Unay (2000)

Elizabeth (1998) vals venezolano for quena, guitar, harp; recorded by Chaski on Unay (2000)