Composer, Orchestrator, Arranger.  Also Videographer/Interview Host (PBS, VISION-TV, AFRTS, Independent). Currently Composer-In-Residence with Slavyanka Russian Chorus, San Francisco, California and teaching composition and arranging privately.




Bettina Gray (link to music bio) studied music from early childhood gaining performance experience in piano, voice, and clarinet, performing as soloist and in classical instrumental and choral ensembles, jazz and folk ensembles and musical theater. After graduating with an applied degree in voice she continued post-graduate studies in composition and orchestration with master composer, David Sheinfeld * She has written for a variety of choral, and instrumental ensembles as well as for television and theater. In addition to music composition and performance Ms Gray is a producer and interviewer for public broadcasting having hosted several radio and television series. (Music Bio)

Describe your music

Ecclectic and sometimes unconventional, still grounded in the classical western traditions and craft.