I am a composer, conductor, and musicologist.


Adams’ music has been performed at the 26th “Warsaw Autumn” International Festival of Contemporary Music, the Leith Hill Festival in England, the Conservatoire Américain in Fontainebleau, France (where he taught in the summer of 1992), and by the Philharmonia Orchestra. A recipient of numerous awards and grants, Byron Adams' recent commissions include the Variationes alchemisticae for Chamber Music Palisades, Le Jardin Provençal for Pacific Serenades, and Illuminations for piano, which was commissioned by the distinguished pianist Armen Guzelimian. In the summer of 2011, The Philharmonia Orchestra performed his Midsummer Music for orchestra under the baton of Peter Oundjian, and the Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra presented his Capriccio concertante, which was conducted by Grant Cooper. in 2013, he completed his Partita for harpsichord, which was written for the distinguished American harpsichordist, Kathleen McIntosh. In 2014, Cantus premiered his "Eventide" for male vocal ensemble, which was commissioned through a Cantus Kickstarter campaign.

“Unknown realms have opened up to the art of music: it has not yet by any means traversed them; at first it lingered on the edge, trembling with emotion at the sight of these unexplored treasures. In more recent years, it has taken a few steps further and discovered horizons still more luminous . . .

The higher forms of art, like those of science and of all thought, are a privilege. This privilege will never be abolished: it is becoming more exclusive. But it is no question of birth or money. Even those who are born poor may acquire it by virtue of their intelligence, and they may be consoled by it. In all groups of society, in all countries, beyond all borders and beyond the seas, the purest music of today recruits unseen friends. In this sense, the only true sense, music may be called universal. And this power is more surely than ever guaranteed to music by its recent progress.”

--Louis Laloy, “Debussy,” 1909

Describe your music

2014     Trittico for piano duet
2014     Eventide for male vocal ensemble
2013     Partita for harpsichord
2011        Sonata for viola and piano
2008     Illuminations for piano solo
2007        Ashes of Soldiers for a cappella mixed chorus
2006       Le Jardin Provençal for flute, oboe, ‘cello and harpsichord
2005       Variationes alchemisticae for flute, viola, ‘cello and piano