A Chinese American composer teaching at UMKC Conservatory, Ms. Chen holds degrees from Beijing Central Conservatory and Columbia University in the City of New York.


Dr. CHEN YI*, composer (born in 1953, Guangzhou, China). As a prolific composer who blends Chinese and Western traditions, transcending cultural and musical boundaries, Dr. Chen Yi is the recipient of the prestigious Charles Ives Living Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 2001. She is the Cravens/Millsap/Missouri Distinguished Professor at the Conservatory in the University of Missouri-Kansas City. She has been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2005 and the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 2019. Born in China, Chen Yi has received bachelor and master degrees in music composition from the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing (83 and 86), and Doctor of Musical Arts degree from Columbia University in the City of New York (93). Her composition teachers have included Wu Zu-qiang, Chou Wen-chung, Mario Davidovsky, and Alexander Goehr. She has served as Composer-in-Residence for the Womens Philharmonic, the vocal ensemble Chanticleer, and Aptos Creative Arts Center (93-96) supported by Meet The Composer, and as a member of the composition faculty at Peabody Conservatory of Johns Hopkins University (96-98). Fellowships and commissioning awards have been received from Guggenheim Foundation (96), American Academy of Arts and Letters (96), Fromm Foundation at Harvard University (94), Koussevitzky Music Foundation at the Library of Congress (97), Roche Foundation (04) and National Endowment for the Arts in the United States (94). Honors include a first prize from the Chinese National Composition Competition (85 and 12), the Lili Boulanger Award (93), the NYU Sorel Medal Award (96), the CalArts/Alpert Award (97), the UT Eddie Medora King Composition Prize (99), the ASCAP Concert Music Award (01), the Elise Stoeger Award (02) from Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, the Friendship Ambassador Award from Edgar Snow Fund (02), and the UMKC Kauffman Award in Artistry/Scholarship (06 and 19) and Faculty Service (12). Honorary Doctorates are from Lawrence University (02), Baldwdin-Wallace College (08), University of Portland (09), The New School University (10), and the University of Hartford (16). She has been appointed by the China Ministry of Education to the prestigious Cheung Kong Scholar Visiting Professor at the Beijing CCoM (06-11), and Distinguished Visiting Professor at Tianjin Conservatory of Music (12-15). Her music is published by Theodore Presser Company, performed world wide, and recorded on Bis, New Albion, CRI, Teldec (w/Grammy Award for Colors of Love), Nimbus, Cala, Avant, Atma, Hugo, Angel, Albany, Koch International Classics, Delos, Centaur, Eroica, Capstone, Quartz, China Record Co., New World (w/ NPR Top 10 Classical Music Album Award for Sound of the Five), Bridge, Innova, BMOP/sound, XAS, Etcetera, Navona, Cedille, and Naxos, among many others.

The modern society is like a complex network, everything exists in equal rights under different cultures, environments and conditions. They keep changing at every moment and interact with others, so that each experience that we come across can become the source and exciting medium of our creation. As to the music composition, it reflects the precipitation of a composer's cultural and psychological construct. An honest composer should learn to choose and adjust the yardstick, to lay a solid foundation with relatively stable principles, which he or she can build the creative work on. Regarding my compositional style, I believe that language can be translated into music. Since I speak out naturally in my mother tongue, in my music there is Chinese blood, Chinese philosophy and customs. However, music is a universal language, I hope to get the essence of both Eastern and Western cultures and write more works that embody my temperament and spirit in the new society, to improve the understandings between peoples from different cultural backgrounds, for the peace of our new world.

* Chen is family name, Yi is personal name. Chen Yi can be referred to Dr. Chen, Prof. Chen, Ms. Chen, or Chen Yi.

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陈怡音乐作品目录Chen Yi's Score Publication
美国费城普雷策出版公司出版 Theodore Presser Company, 105 Great Valley Parkway, Malvern, PA 19355-1309,Tel. 610-592-1222 <>
Orchestral Works (Alphabetical)



ANCIENT BEAUTY,THE (2006) (2 mvts, 10’). Score & Parts

混合室内乐队曲 《青铜饕餮与陶俑之美》(笛子埙,二胡,琵琶,古筝和弦乐队)

          Dizi+Xun, Erhu, Pipa, Zheng, & String Orchestra
  Alt. version for ruan ensemble, zheng and string orchestra (3 mvts, 12’)

ANCIENT CHINESE BEAUTY,THE (2008) (3mvts, 15’). Score & Parts

Recorders and String Orchestra

BA YIN (2001) (20’). Score and Parts on Rental (Study Score [416-41253])


            Saxophone Quartet, String Orchestra (Large Score [416-41264])
 Alt. version for saxophone quartet and chamber winds (2015)

BALLAD, DANCE AND FANTASY (2003) (3 mvts, 27’) Score & Parts on Rental

Cello, 3333, 4331, Hp, 3 Perc. Str.
Alt. version of the 2nd mvt DANCE ON THE SILK ROAD for cello solo

BLUE, BLUE SKY (2012) (10’) Score & Parts on Rental 管弦乐曲《蓝蓝天》
            2(Picc)222, 4331, T, P(3), Pn, Hp, Str

CARAMOOR'S SUMMER (2003) (13’).  Score & Parts on Rental


            2(1 Picc.)-2-2-2; 2-1-1-0; Hp., 3Perc., Str.


CELEBRATION (2005) (5’), Score & Parts on Rental 管弦乐序曲《庆》

            2222, 2221, T 2 Perc. Str.

CHINESE FOLK DANCE SUITE (2001) (3 mvts, 22’). Score and Parts on Rental
            2222, 4330, 3 Perc, Violin Solo, Str. (Reduction versions: Violin/Sax and Piano) (2020)

CHINESE RAP (2013) (10’) Score and Parts 为小提琴与乐队而作的《曲艺印象》

            Violin Solo, 2222 4231, 3P, Str


CONCERTO FOR REEDS for oboe, sheng & chamber orchestra (2008) (14 min.) S&P


            1121 1110 P, Oboe Solo, Sheng Solo, Str


DRAGON RHYME(2010) (14 min.) Score&Parts 管乐队曲《龙韵》

                  2Picc2Eh2CB Cl (E-flat, 3 B-flat, BC) Sax (AATB) 34311 T+3P

DUNHUANG FANTASY (1999)  (12’). Score [416-41231] and Parts on Rental
管风琴与室内管乐团协奏曲《敦煌幻想曲 》
            1121 1110 P, Organ
DUO YE for chamber orchestra  (1985)  (7’).  Score and Parts on Rental
            112(Eb)1   1000   P, Str
DUO YE No. 2 for full orchestra  (1987)  (8’).  Score and Parts on Rental
            3(2 Picc)3(EH)3(Bcl)3(Cbsn)   4331   T, P(3), Str
ELEANOR'S GIFT (1998) (15’). Score and Parts on Rental
            Cello Solo, 2222, 2220, 3 Perc, Hp, Str.
            Pn Reduction with percussion, Score and Parts.
FAITH AND PERSEVERANCE (2011)  (5’).  Score and Parts on Rental
            3(Picc)2(E.H.)2(Bcl)2, 4331, T, P(3), Hp, Str
FIDDLE SUITE (1997) (3 mvts, 16’) Score and Parts [114-40951]
            Chinese Huqin Solo, String Quartet/Str Orch/Full Orchestra/Chinese Orchestra

FOUNTAINS OF KC (2011) (10 minutes). Score and Parts
            3333 4331 Hp. 4 Perc. Str


FOUR SPIRITS (2016) (26’). Score and Parts

为钢琴与乐队而作的《四灵》(1. 青龙,2. 玄武,3. 白虎,4. 朱雀)

            Piano Solo, 2222, 4230, T P(2), Str.

GE XU (ANTIPHONY) (1994)  (10’).  Score and Parts on Rental
            2(Picc)2(E.H.)2(Bcl)2   4230  Hp, T, P(2), Str
GOLDEN FLUTE, THE (1997) (3 mvts, 18’). Score and Parts on Rental
            Flute Solo, 2222, 4230, T P(2), Str. (Study Score [416-41206])
            Reduction for Flute and Piano [114-40949], 1999, $22.50


管弦乐曲《引子,行板与快板》(2018) (15’)
            2222, 4331, T, P(2), Str

JING DIAO (2011) (4’). Score and Parts on Rental

管弦乐曲《京调》(2011) (4’)
33(EH)3(Bcl)3(Cbsn) 4331 T, P(3), Str
LINEAR, THE (1994) (12’). Score and Parts
            2(Picc)222 4331 Hp. T, P(4), Str
MOMENTUM 3(1998) (10’). Score and Parts on Rental (Large Score [416-41184])
            333 4331 Hp. 4 Perc. Str
MOUNT A LONG WIND 2010)  (6’).  Score and Parts 管弦乐曲《长风》
            33(EH)3(Bcl)3(Cbsn)   4331  T, P(3), Str


ODE TO THE EARTH (2006) (2 mvts, 20 minutes). Score & Parts

阮和管弦乐队协奏曲《大地的讴歌》(改编自《叙事曲,舞曲与幻想曲》 之第一、二乐章)
2222, 2220, T 2P, ruan solo, strings

OLYMPIC FIRE/ RHYME OF FIRE (2008) (15’). Score & Parts

33(EH)3(Bcl)3(Cbsn)   4331, T, P(4), Str
OVERTURE (1989)  (13’).  Score 民族管弦乐《序曲》
            Chinese Instrumental Orchestra

OVERTURE for orchestra (2008) (9’). Score & Parts on Rental


            2222, 4230, T 3 Perc. Str.

OVERTURE No.2 (1990)  (15’).  Score 民族管弦乐《序曲第二号》
            Chinese Instrumental Orchestra
PEARL RIVER OVERTURE (2018) (17’). 管弦乐曲《珠江序曲》
         3333, 4331, T, P(3), Hp, Str
PERCUSSION CONCERTO (1998) (3 mvts, 20’). (Study Score [416-41207])
            Percussion Solo, 3(1Picc)33(1Bcl)3(1D.Bsn), 4331, 3 Perc., Strings (S&P Rental)
            Alt.version for Percussion and Piano/Percussion Group/Perc & Str Quartet
PIANO CONCERTO  (1992) (16’). Score and Parts on Rental
            Piano Solo, 3(3 Picc)3(EH)3(Bcl)3(Cbsn) 4331 T, P(3), Str.
PIPA RHYME  (1993) (6’). Score and Parts 琵琶与民乐队《琵琶韵》
            Pipa and 14 Players


PRELUDE AND FUGUE  (2009) (21’), Score & Parts on Rental《前奏曲与赋格》

            2222, 2200, Pn, 1 Perc. Str.


PROSPECT OVERTURE for full orchestra (作于2008)  (9分钟).  Score & Parts on Rental

管弦乐 《希望序曲》

            33(EH)3(Bcl)3(Cbsn)   4331  T, P(3), Str

ROMANCE AND DANCE for String Orchestra (1998) [2 mvts, 9’].
Score & Parts on Rental, Study Score [416-41208]
            Alt.version for Violin and Piano [114-41080], 2001, $17 
ROMANCE OF HSIAO AND CH'IN (1995) (4’). Score and Parts on Rental
                     Two Violins and String Orchestra (Study Score [416-41209]1998)
Alt version for Cello and Piano [114-41081] 2001, $8.50
SHUO (1982/1994) (8’).  Score and Parts on Rental [416-41210Q]
            String Orchestra; Alternate version for String Quintet
SI JI (FOUR SEASONS) (2005) (15’) Score and Parts on Rental
            3(+Picc)3(+EH)3(+b.Cl)3(+C.Bsn) 4331 Timp 4 Perc Hp Str

SOUTHERN SCENES (2017) (15) Score and Parts


            Flute & Pipa Solo, 2222, 4231, P(3), Str

SPRING FESTIVAL (1999) (5’) for middle school band. (pbl: AMF Bandquest)

SPRING IN DRESDEN (2005) (14’) for violin and orchestra. Score and Parts on Rental


            2(Picc)222, 4231, Hp, T, P(2), Violin Solo, Str


SPROUT   (Budding / Meng)  (1982/1986)  (7’).  Score and Parts on Rental [114-41200]


            String Orchestra (Large Score [416-41152])


SUITE FROM CHINA WEST (2007) (4 mvts, 12 minutes) Score & Parts


            6(+1Picc)2(+EH)15(+3BCl)2, Sax(4A2T1B), 6TP, 4FH, 6TB, 3E, 2Tuba, StrBass, 4P


SYMPHONIE ‘HUMEN 1839’(2009)  (20’).  Score and Parts


            33(EH)3(Bcl)3(Cbsn)   4331   Hp, Pn, T, P(3), Str


SYMPHONY No. 1   (1986)  (23’).  Score and Parts


            3(Picc)2(EH)3(Bcl)2   4331   T, P(4), Str


SYMPHONY No. 2   (1993)  (18’).  Score and Parts on Rental (Large Score [416-41157])


            33(EH)3(Bcl)3(Cbsn)   4331   Hp, T, P(3), Str


SYMPHONY No. 3 (2004)  (3 mvts. 23’).  Score and Parts


            33(EH)3(Bcl)3(Cbsn)   4331   Hp, T, P(3), Str


TONE POEM (2012) (8’) Score and Parts
            2222 2000, P, Str

TU (2002) (13’), Score and Parts on Rental


            3(Picc)3(EH)3(Bcl)3(Cbsn) 4331 Hp, T, P(3), Str

            Alt. version for symphonic wind ensemble (2003) 
(2 Fl, 1 Picc., 2 Ob, 2 Bsn, 1 C.Bsn, 2 Cl, 1 B.Cl, 4 Sax (SATB), 4 FH, 3 Tp (Bb), 2 Trb, Baritones, 1 B.Trb, 1 Tuba , Hp, 4 Perc. D. Basses)



            Picc, Bcl, 6 Hrns, 4 Trps, 4 Trbs, Tuba, T, P(6)


UMKC FANFARE (2009) (4’), Score & Parts on Rental


            3333, 4 Sax, 4331, T 3 Perc.


WIND(2010)  (11’).  Score and Parts

管乐队曲《风》(1.引子; 2.回旋曲)

                  222 Cl (2 B-flat, BC) Sax (ATB) 34311 3P


XIAN SHI   (Viola Concerto)  (1983)  (14’).  Score and Parts on Rental


            Va Solo, 2(Picc)222   4320    T, P(2), Str (Large Score [416-41211])

            Pn Reduction with percussion, Score and Parts [114-41162]



Chamber & Solo Works (Alphabetical)




ANCIENT DANCES (2005) (3 mvts, 18’). Score & Parts


            Pipa and Percussion


…AS LIKE A RAGING FIRE… (2002) (10’). Score & Parts [114-41164]


            Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano.




            String Quartet (S&Ps) [114-41198]


BA BAN (1999) (8’). Score [110-41760], & B&H [ISMN M-051-246174-5], 2000 


            Piano Solo


BAMBOO DANCE II (1:40)/BAMBOO DANCE (2:04) (2013) Score


            Piano Solo for children

BAMBOO SONG (2019) (6:00)
            Piano Solo



            3 instruments, One Piano Four-hands, Saxophone Quartet, Chamber Ensemble


BURNING (2002) (4’). Score and Parts [114-41165]


            String Quartet


CHINA WEST SUITE (2007) (4 mvts, 12 minutes) Score


            Two Pianos (Alt. version for Marimba and Piano)(2009)

CHINESE ANCIENT DANCES (作于2004) (2乐章, 8分钟).  Score & Parts [114-41262]
            Clarinet & Piano
            (Alt. version for soprano saxophone and piano)(2010)

            (Alt. version of the 1st mvt for French horn and piano)(2014)

CHINESE FABLES (2002) (3 mvts, 13’). Score and Parts [114-41192]       
Erhu, Pipa, Cello, Percussion

COLORS OF NAOBO (2015) [1:40) Score
            A pair of Chinese Cymbals
DUO YE (1984)  (6’).  Score [110-40728], 2000, $8.00
            Piano Solo, also available: Musical Works, Vol.2, Beijing, 1986
            Alternate version for Pipa Solo 

ENERGETIC DUO (2015) [1:40) Score
            2 Violins
FENG (1998) (Introduction & Rondo, 10’) Score and Parts [114-41052]  
Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, French Horn
Alt. version FENG II for Solo Sax, Sax Quartet, and Piano (2019)
FIDDLE SUITE (1997) (3 mvts, 16’) Score and Parts
            Chinese Huqin Solo, String Quartet
FIRE (2019) (6:20)
            Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Horn, P(2), Hp, Pn, Vn(2), Va, Vc
FISHERMAN’S SONG (1979) (4’). Score and Part [114-40950], 1999, $6.00
            Violin and Piano


Violin and Piano
GUESSING  (1989)  (5’). Score
            Piano Solo, Presser Co. PA [110-40727], 2000, $8.00;
Musical Works, Vol.2, 1990, Beijing.
HAN FIGURINES, THE (2006) (5’). Score and Parts
室内乐曲《汉俑》( 小提琴,单簧管,萨克斯管,低音提琴,钢琴和打击乐)
            Violin, Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone, Double Bass, Piano & Percussion.
HAPPY RAIN IN SPRING NIGHT (2004) (12’). Score and Parts [114-41271]
            Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano.

HAPPY TUNE (2018) (2:30)
            Violin and Viola
IN MEMORY OF STEVE for piano solo (2017) (1:40)
JI-DONG-NUO for piano solo (2005) (4’)
JING MARIMBA for marimba solo (2009) (4’) Alt. version JING TRUMPET for tp. solo (2011)

JINGU SUITE (2018) (4 mvts,12’)
            Cello Solo
JOY OF THE REUNION for oboe, viola, cello and double bass (2001) (4’)
MEMORY for violin solo (2010) (4’) Alt. versions for flute(16)/cello(17)/viola(19) solo
为小提琴而作的独奏曲《思念》, 改编版本为长笛(Mary Holzhausen)/大提琴/中提琴独奏曲

单簧管独奏《独白-读鲁迅的“阿Q正传”有感》新版本由Jeff Heisler于08年改编为萨克管独奏曲
            Clarinet Solo (Bb). [114-40948], 2000, Score $3.95
(Alt. version for saxophone solo)(2008)
NEAR DISTANCE  (1988)  (10’).  Score and Parts [114-40744]
室内乐曲《 遇》(长笛,单簧管,小提琴,大提琴,钢琴,打击乐)
            Fl(Alto Fl), Cl(Bcl), Vn, Vc, Pf, Perc

NIAN HUA (CHINESE NEW YEAR’S PAINTINGS) (2016/2017) (12 minutes)

吉他二重奏《年画》(1. 春牛图, 2. 五子夺莲, 3. 连年有余)

            2 Guitars

NIGHT THOUGHTS (2004) (8’) Score and Parts [114-41248]
三重奏《静夜思》(长笛,大提琴,钢琴)改编版本为长笛中提琴竖琴/长笛萨克钢琴/小大钢三重奏          Flute, Cello, Piano
(Alt. version for Flute, Viola and Harp)(2009)
(Alt. version for Flute, Saxophone and Piano)(2016)
 (Alt. version for Violin, Cello and Piano)(2019)
NING (2001) (15’). Score and Parts [114-41133]
三重奏《宁》 (琵琶,小提琴,大提琴)
            Violin, Pipa, Cello.

NORTHERN SCENES (2013) (8 minutes) Score


            Piano Solo

NOT ALONE (2014) (14分钟). Score and Parts
            SATB Saxophones
PLUM BLOSSOM (2019) (4:00)
            Piano Solo
POINTS, THE (1991)  (9’).  Score  [114-40946], $10.50
            Pipa Solo
QI (1997) (10’). Score and Parts [114-40901], 1997
            Fl, Cello, Percussion, Piano





SHUO CHANG (2013) (6:30) Score

Guitar Solo
            Piano Solo for children, published by ABRSM Publishing in Spectrum 5, 2003.
SMALL BEIJING GONG (1993)  (1’). Score.
Piano Solo for children, Two Chinese Bagatelles [110-40726], 2000, $3.95.
SONG IN WINTER (1993) (8’).  Score and Parts on Rental [114-40947]
            Harpsichord, Di, Zheng
            Alternate version for Flute, Zheng, Piano, Percussion
            Alternate version, Orient and Occident, for Soprano, Zheng & Piano
SONG OF THE GREAT WALL arr. from a song by Liu Xue-An (1999) (5’). Score
            Eight French Horns
SOULFUL AND THE PERPETUAL, THE (2012) (2 mvts, 12’). Score and Part
            Alto Saxophone, Piano
SOUND OF THE FIVE (1998) (4 mvt, 20’). Score and Parts [114-41053]
            Cello Solo, String Quartet; Alt. version for Perc Solo & Str Quartet
            Alt. versions Suite for Cello/Viola and Chamber Winds
SPARKLE (1992) (11’), Score and Parts on Rental
            Fl(Picc.),  Cl(Eb), Perc 2, Pf, Vn, Vc, Bass

STRING QUARTET   (1982)  (3 mvts, 23’).  Score and Parts


            Vn(2), Va, Vc 


SUITE  (1991)  (3 mvts, 12’).  Score


            Traditional Chinese Instrumental Ensemble


SUITE FOR CELLO & CHEMBER WINDS (2004) (4 mvt, 20’). S&Ps on Rental


            1111 1110 P, Cello (Adapted from Sound of the Five)


THREE BAGATELLES FROM CHINA WEST (2006) (3 mvts, 12 minutes) Score & Parts

Flute and Piano, or 2 Flutes
(Alt. versions for Guanzi&Sheng/Cl&Pn/2Clarinets/DoubleBass&Pn/Fl&Cl/Fl&Gtr/
            Vl&Vc); 3rd mvt (HAPPY TUNE) for 2 Vc/Vl&Va. 
THREE DANCES FROM CHINA SOUTH (2014) (3 mvts, 12分钟). Score and Parts
Dizi, Erhu, Pipa, Zheng

TIBETAN TUNES (2007) (2 mvts, 12 minutes). Score and Parts
            Violin, Cello and Piano
(Alt. version for Flute, Viola and Harp) (2009)
(Alt. version for Violin, Clarinet and Piano)(2009)
(Alt. version for Clarinet, Cello and Piano)(2019)

TIDE, THE   (1988)  (10’).  Score


            Traditional Chinese Instrumental Ensemble

TOTEM POLES (2017)(5 minutes)
Organ Solo

TUNES FROM MY HOME (作于2007/2008) (3 mvts, 15’). Score and Parts
            Violin, Cello and Piano



VARIATIONS ON “AWARIGULI” (作于1979/出版于2011) (10’) Score [110-41790]
            Solo Piano


WOODWIND QUINTET   (1987)  (9’).  Score and Parts [114-40745]


            Fl, Ob, Cl, Bsn, Hrn

            Score (Musical Works, Vol. 1, 1989, Beijing)


WOODWIND QUINTET NO. 3 (2008) (3 mvts, 13’) Score


            Fl, Ob, Cl, Bsn, Hrn/Alt. version SUITE FROM CHINA WEST for sax ensemble (2018)


WU YU (2002) (2 mvts. 14’). Score and Parts on Rental [114-41166]

室内乐曲《舞雩》 (六重奏与七重奏二版本)

            Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Violin, Cello, Percussion

            Alt. version for Fl, Ob, Cl, Vln, Vla, VC and CB [114-41167]


XIE ZI for 2 Di, Sheng, Liuqin, Zheng, Sanxian (1985)  (5’). Score



YANGKO (2005) (5’). Score and Parts [114-41272]         


            Violin, 2 Percussionists (Adapted from the 2nd Mvt of Chinese Folk Dance Suite)


YU DIAO  (1985) (2’). Score.


            Piano Solo for children, Two Chinese Bagatelles [110-40726], 2000, $3.95

            Also available: Chinese Children Piano Pieces, 1985, Beijing



Mixed Vocal & Instrumental Works (Alphabetical)



ANGEL ISLAND PASSAGES (2010) (3 mvts, 15’). Score & Parts
童声合唱及弦乐四重奏《天使岛之路》(1.1882; 2. 盼; 3. 我们是美国)

            Children Choir and String Quartet


AS IN A DREAM  (1988/1994)  (7’).  Score

女高音与 小提琴,大提琴 《如梦令二首》, 女高音与琵琶,筝《如梦令二首》

            Soprano, Violin, Cello [111-40141]

            Alternate version for Soprano, Pipa, Zheng [111-40185]

CHINESE MYTHS CANTATA (1996) (3 mvts, 36’). S&P on Rental (Score 412-41078)
管弦乐,四件民乐与合唱《 中国神话大合唱》
            2(Picc)22(Eb&Bcl)2(C) 4230 4 Perc Erhu Pipa Yangqin Zheng, Male Chorus, Str
EARLY SPRING, for mixed choir and chamber ensemble (作于2011) (2乐章9分钟)
混声合唱及室内乐团《早春》(1.鸭戏图; 2. 飞雁图)
                  Mixed Chorus and Chamber Ensemble (fl, cl, vn, vc, pn, perc.)
FROM THE PATH OF BEAUTY (2008) (7mvts, 35’)
Mixed choir and String Quartet

IN THE MOUNTAINS (2013) (6’) Score and Parts
            Mixed Chorus, String Quartet

KC CAPRICCIO for wind ensemble & mixed choir (2000) (4’). S & Ps on Rental
合唱与管乐队序曲《堪萨斯城随想曲》,缩写版本: 管风琴,打击乐与混声合唱《随想曲》
            2222( 3sax 34311 SATB 3P
            Alt version CAPRICCIO for Chorus, Organ & Percussion (2001) [312-41813]
SET OF CHINESE FOLK SONGS, A (1994) (10 songs, 25’)
            Version for Children's Chorus and Str.Orch./Quintet (25’). S&Ps on Rental

TANG POEMS CANTATA (1995) (4 mvts, 15’).  Score and Parts on Rental


            Mixed Chorus (SATB) and Chamber Orchestra (1111 1110 Pn T, Perc. Str.)


THINKING OF MY HOME (2015) (2 minutes)


            Treble Clef Choir (SSA) and Piano




Solo Voice & Unaccompanied Choral Works (Alphabetical)





ARIRANG (1994) (3’). Score [312-41747], 1999, $1.40 


            Mixed Chorus


BRIGHT MOONLIGHT (2001) (5’). Score


            Mezzo-soprano, Piano [111-40190]

BEAUTIFUL WEST LAKE, THE (2015) (3 minutes)
            Mixed Chorus
CHINESE MOUNTAIN SONGS (2001) (5 songs, 10’). Score [312-41809] 2002, $1.60
            Treble Chorus
CHINESE POEMS (1999) (5 mvts, 10’). Score [312-41783], $3.95
         Six Girls’ Choruses (Errata Sheet (#312-41783E))
Mixed Chorus
I HEAR SIREN’S CALL for Male Chorus (2012) (2’) Score
Male Chorus
            Mixed Chorus  [312-41814], $1.60
LAMENT OF THE TWIN STARTS (1996) (5’) Score 
            Mixed Chorus
LANDSCAPE (2003) (3’) Score [312-41830]
            Mixed Chorus
LETS REACH A NEW HEIGHT (2012) (3’) Score
            Mixed Chorus

LOOKING AT THE SEA (2006) (4:30). Score


            Women's Choir

MEDITATION (1999) (two songs, 6’). Score [111-40203]
            Mezzo-soprano and Piano
SAKURA (1994) (1’). Score [312-41748], 1999, $1.00
            Mixed Chorus
SET OF CHINESE FOLK SONGS, A (1994) (10 songs, 17’)
            Unaccompanied Mixed Chorus, with optional Piano part. Score
            Vol.1 [312-41731], Vol.2 [312-41732], Vol.3 [312-41733], 1998, $2.30 each
            Alt. version for Children's Chorus and Str.Orch./Quintet (25’). S&Ps on Rental
            Alternate version for Male Choir (TTBB) a cappella (17’). Score [312-41682]
SHADY GROVE (2001) (4’).  Score [312-41841]
            Mixed Chorus
SPRING DREAMS (1997) (5’). Score [312-41745], 1999, $1.50 
            Mixed Chorus

SPRING RAIN (作于2010) (4’). Score

混声合唱 《春雨中文版》(杜甫诗,用中文演唱)
Mixed Chorus

TANG POEMS for Male Choir (1995) (4 songs, 12’).  Score [312-41694]


         Written on a Rainy Night from TANG POEMS《夜雨寄北》单行本

         Male Choir [312-41756], Mixed Choir [312-41837]


THREE POEMS FROM THE SONG DYNASTY  (1985) (3 songs, 14’) Mixed Chorus


            Score (Musical Works, Vol. 3, 1986 and JCCM, Vol. 2,1986, Beijing)


TO THE NEW MILLENNIUM (2001) (3 mvts. 10’). Score


            Mixed Chorus, Soprano and Mezzo-soprano [312-41818], 2002, $5.95


TWO CHINESE FOLK SONGS for Mixed Chorus (2003) (6’). Score

A Horseherd's Mountain Song [312-41832]
A Single Bamboo Can Easily Bend [312-41833]

TWO CHINESE FOLK SONGS for Mixed Chorus (作于2008) (与思德奇合作,3分钟). Score



WEST LAKE, THE (2003) (5’). Score [312-41831] Mixed Chorus

混声合唱《西湖》( 苏东坡之「饮湖上初晴后雨」)


WITH FLOWERS BLOOMING (2010) (4’). Score

Women's Choir

XUAN (2001) (3’). Score [312-41808], 2002, $1.50 Mixed Chorus.



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公开发行之陈怡音乐作品音像制品 Chen Yi’s Discography   


(陈怡管弦乐作品专集之四 )《陈怡为弦乐器而作的四首协奏曲》美国BMOP/sound唱片公司

Chen Yi Concertos for String Instruments (Spring in Dresden, Suite for Cello and Chamber Winds, Fiddle Suite, and Xian Shi) performed by Boston Modern Orchestra Project cond. by Gil Rose, with Lizhou Liu (viola), David Russell (cello), Guowei Wang (huqin), and Mira Wang (violin), on BMOP/sound 1058, released on 7/31/2018.


(陈怡管弦乐作品专集之三 )动势,中国民族舞组曲,敦煌幻想曲,琴箫引和剑舞,荼(新加坡交响乐团),瑞典 Bis 唱片公司,

Momentum/Chinese Folk Dance Suite/Dunhuang Fantasy/Romance and Dance/Tu Singapore Symphony/Lan Shui, Momentum, BIS-CD-1352, released 7/2003,


(陈怡管弦乐作品专集之二 )中国神话大合唱,多耶第二号,歌墟,第二交响曲 (美国妇女爱乐交响乐团),美国 New Albion 唱片公司

Chinese Myths Cantata/Duo Ye No. 2/Ge Xu (Antiphony)/Symphony No. 2

The Women's Philharmonic, Chanticleer/JoAnn Falletta, "The Music of Chen Yi," New Albion, NA 090, 2/1/1997.


(陈怡室内乐作品专集《烁》)烁,如梦令二首,气,多耶, 朔,咏松筠,遇

美国New World 唱片公司重新发行于2007年2月

美国 Composers Recordings Inc. 唱片公司制作

Sparkle/As in a Dream/Qi/Duo Ye/Shuo/Song in Winter/Near Distance

Music From China, New Music Consort, etc. 2/16/99, CRI eXchange CD804 

Reissued on New World/CRI Recordings [NWCR804] in Feb. 07

Qi for mixed quartet


(陈怡室内乐作品专集《 琴箫钟鼓笙 》)琴箫钟鼓笙、秧歌、萌、烧、藏乐二首、春夜喜雨(美国第三角度现代乐团演奏)美国新世界唱片公司

Sound of the Five, an album of Chen Yi’s chamber music including Sound of the Five, Yangko, Sprout, Burning, Tibetan Tunes, and Happy Rain on a Spring Night, performed by the Third  Angle, dir. Ron Blessinger, on New World [80691-2], released in 2009.


《 打击乐协奏曲》(新加坡交响乐团),瑞典 Bis 唱片公司

Percussion Concerto, Oriental Landscapes, Evelyn Glennie & Singapore Symphony Orchestra, cond. Lan Shui, Label: BIS [CD-1222], 2002.


大提琴协奏曲《艾莉诺之献礼》(美国弗几尼亚交响乐团),美国 Albany 唱片公司

Eleanor’s Gift for cello and orchestra, Paul Tobias & Virginia Symphony/JoAnn Falletta. Label: Albany, released on 4/1/04, The American Cello, Troy 648.


长笛协奏曲《金笛》(新西兰国家交响乐团),美国 Koch International Classics 唱片公司

The Golden Flute for flute and orchestra, Alexa Still & New Zealand Symphony / James Sedares. Label: Koch International Classics, 9/21/2004, KIC 7566.


室内管弦乐《多耶》(新加坡交响乐团),瑞典 Bis 唱片公司

Duo Ye for chamber orchestra, Singapore Symphony/Lan Shui. Label: Bis, released in Feb. 04, Dances of Our Time, CD-1192 [EAN 7318590011928]



Written on a Rainy Night, Wild Grass (from Tang Poems) (2000 Grammy Award)

Vocal ensemble Chanticleer, in "Colors of Love". Teldec [3984-24570-2], 5/18/99


男声合唱《赋得古原草送别》(美国钱蒂克利尔男声合唱团)德国 Teldec 唱片公司

Wild Grass, from Tang Poems, Chanticleer, A Portrait, Teldec, 0927-49702-2, 2003.



Spring Dreams, in the album Chanticleer, The Singing Life: National Youth Choral Festival, recorded on March 29, 2010 at Davis Symphony Hall, San Francisco, CA, as a part of the CLIC (Chanticleer-Live-In-Concert) series,


钢琴独奏《八板》 (尔苏拉.欧本斯演奏) 英国 Boosey & Hawkes 出版公司

Baban for piano solo, The Carnegie Hall Millennium Piano Book, Boosey & Hawkes, by Ursula Oppens on CD [ISMN M-051-246174-5].


Spring Festival for middle school wind ensemble, CD-ROM <>
University of Minnesota Wind Ensemble, American Composers Forum, HL04001978.

管弦乐曲《歌墟》(英国基金会爱乐交响乐团) 英国 Atma 唱片公司

Ge Xu for orchestra, Women Write Music, Foundation Philharmonic/David Snell, ACD 22199.  Label: Atma, Harmonia Mundi, 6/8/99


管弦乐曲《多耶第二号》 (香港小交响乐团) 香港雨果 唱片公司

Duo Ye No. 2 for full orchestra, Hong Kong Sinfonietta, Cond. Tsung Yeh, Label: Hugo, HongKong. June, 2000 [HRP7204-2],


混声合唱《中国民歌合唱》(凤阳歌,茉莉花,丢丢铜) 混声合唱《阿里郎》,《樱花》  

(美国钱蒂克利尔男声合唱团)德国 Teldec 唱片公司

A Set Of Chinese Folk Songs (Fengyang Song, Jasmin Flower, Dui Dui Deng)

Arirang, Sakura, "Wondrous Love, A World Folk Song Collection", Chanticleer , Teldec, 16676-2, 1997


琵琶独奏《点》(吴蛮演奏) The Points for pipa solo 英国 Nimbus 唱片公司

Chinese Traditional & Contemporary Pipa Music/Wu Man, Nimbus NI 7043/4, 1/1/00


琵琶独奏《多耶》(闵小芬演奏)Duo Ye for pipa solo 美国 Avant 唱片公司

Min Xiao-Fen with Six Composers, Avant AVAN 021, released: Japan, 7/1/1998


琵琶独奏《点》(闵小芬演奏)英国 Cala 唱片公司

The Points, Min Xiaofen, pipa, Cala Records Ltd., (CACD 0504), UK, 1995. (800) 879-2252 or (518) 783-9079


琵琶獨奏《點》(吳蠻演奏)英国 Nimbus 唱片公司

Dian (The Points), Wu Man, pipa, Nimbus Records (NI 5368), UK, 1993. PO Box 7746, Charlottesville, VA 22906-7746


钢琴独奏《多耶》(石叔城演奏) 中国唱片公司

Duo Ye, Shi Shucheng, piano, China Record Corporation (CCD90 088), Guangzhou, 1990. Available through Chinese Books & Gallery of the Oriental Culture Enterprises Co., Inc., 13-17 Elizabeth Street, 2/F, NYC 10013.  (212) 226-8461.


钢琴独奏《多耶》(吴美乐演奏)英国Paradisum唱片公司(Hayter & Shone Ltd.)

Duo Ye, Mary Mei-Loc Wu, pianoforte, The Chinese Pianoforte, Paradisum POS-CD5, Dist, by RMG Distribution Led. In the UK via PolyGram Telesales 0990 310310, 1998.


女高音与弦乐《如梦令二首》(女高音陈宏宇演唱) 中国唱片公司

As In A Dream, Chen Hongyu, soprano; Vera Hsu, violin; Ted Mook, cello. China Record Corporation (CCD-94/388), Beijing, 1994.



The Palm Tree, Central Philharmonic Society Chorale/Yan Liangkun. Pacific Audio-Video Corporation (P-2318), Guangzhou, 1989.


(陈怡管弦乐作品专集之一《 多耶 》)多耶,弦诗,第一交响曲,萌, 为两组管乐与打击乐而作的音乐 (中国中央乐团) 中国唱片公司

Duo Ye/Xian Shi /Symphony No. 1/Sprout//Two Sets Of Wind And Percussion Instruments, Central Philharmonic Orchestra of China/En Shao, Lan Shui. China Record Corporation (AL-57), Beijing, 1986.


管弦乐曲《动势》 (台湾交响乐团) <>

Momentum for full orchestra, 1999 Contemporary Chinese Composers Retrospective Concerts, Taiwan Symphony Orchestra/David Chen, 2000 [026189890046].


弦乐队曲《琴箫引》(梅纽因大师纪念专辑) 英国 Angel 唱片公司

Romance of Hsiao and Ch'in for 2 violins and string orchestra, Compassion, A Tribute to Sir Yehudi Menuhin/Ulf Hoelscher & Nachum Erlich, violins, and Karlsruhe Ensemble/Andreas Weiss Cond. - 6/01, Angel [7243 5 57179 24] London,



Chinese Poems: Picking the Seedpods of the Lotus, The Cataract of Mount Lu, Crossroads, San Francisco Girls Chorus / Sharon J. Paul, Cond. 11/2000, SFGC 0001,



Romance of the Hsiao and Ch’in for 2 violins and string orchestra, San Jose Chamber Orchestra / Barbara Day Turner, 12/1/97 BMS SJCO1.



Riding on a Mule, Jasmine Flower, Alishan Song (arr. from A Set of Chinese Folk Songs), The Palm Tree (from Three Song Dynasty Poems)

Asian Choral Works I, Singapore Youth Choir / Jennifer Tham, 2000, Singapore.


混声合唱《猜调》, 《赶牲灵》,《阿里山》(上海爱乐乐团合唱团)

Guessing, Riding on a Mule, Song of Alishan (arr. from A Set of Chinese Folk Songs), A Cappella Chinese Folksongs, Shanghai Philharmonic Chorus / Lim Yau, 1997, International Music Management Pte Ltd. Singapore,


混声合唱《凤阳歌》,《玛依拉》(马来西亚<乘著歌声之翼> 合唱团)

Feng Yang Song, Mayila (arr. from A Set of Chinese Folk Songs),On The Wings of Song, Johor Bahru Chamber Choir, 12/2000, JBCC 2000, Malaysia,


女高音与弦乐《如梦令二首》(女高音凯柔.迈也尔演唱)As in a Dream for soprano, violin & cello, by Continuum at the International Festival of Contemporary Music on the CD Ilkhom-XX, Selected performances of 2002, Uzbekistan, released in '03, by Carol Meyer, Renee Jolles and Kristina Reiko Cooper.



Chen Yi's Duo Ye No. 2 for full orchestra, performed by Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra conducted by Yip Wing-sie, on the CD of Live Concert Recording at Wien Musikverein, Vienna on 11/25/2001, released in 2002 by China Record Co. Guangzhou [GCD-5179].



Spring Festival for school band, performed by 2002 Midwest Clinic – Vandercook College of Music Symphonic Band, cond. by Charles Menghini, released on 01/01/2003, Mark Custom recording [4348].


琵琶独奏《点》(蒋婷演奏)The Spirit of Calligraphy for pipa (The Pionts),Jiang Ting, "Voice of the Pipa". M.A.Recordings, ASIN: B0009IB29,6/10/03,


小提琴独奏《琴箫引和剑舞》(何东演奏)Romance and Dance for vln and pn, by Ho Dong, "Resonance of the Violin III", Guangzhou, China [ISRCCN-A65-02-562-00/A-J6]


钢琴独奏《多耶》(李帆演奏)美国 Centaur 唱片公司

Duo Ye for piano solo, performed by Li Fan in Chinese Piano Music, on Centaur, released on 7/13/2004, CRC 2652


琵琶独奏《点》(陈一涵演奏)美国 Delos 唱片公司

The Points for pipa solo by Huaxia Contemporary Music Chinese Chamber Ensemble, Chen Yi-Han. Delos, released on 8/24/2004, Delos 3299.



Qi for chamber ensemble, featured on the CD in celebration of Dinosaur Annex Music Ensemble Thirty Years of Adventure (1975-2005), released in Dec. 2004, Boston, MA.


室内乐曲《 咏松筠》(女高音饶岚演唱)德国 Cavalli 唱片公司<>

Orient and Occident (adapted from Song in Winter) for soprano, guzheng & piano, text by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832), by Ensemble Roter Phienix <>), released on Cavalli Records [LC05724] in 2004


弦乐队曲《朔》(美国曼彻斯特音乐节乐团)美国 Eroica 唱片公司

Shuo for string orchestra, performed by Manchester Festival String Orchestra, Music of the 20th & 21st Centuries, on Eroica, April, 2005 released. 


小提琴协奏曲《中国民族舞组曲》(美国保陵格林爱乐交响乐团) 美国 Albany 唱片公司

Chinese Folk Dance Suite, included in New Music from Bowling Green Vol. IV, Bowling Green Philharmonic/ Emily Freeman Brown/ Penny Thompson Kruse (solo), released on May 1, 2005, on Albany Records, Troy 743.


混声合唱《西湖》(美国芝加哥无伴奏合唱团)美国 Centaur 唱片公司

The West Lake, Eclectric/Chicago a cappella, on Centaur [CRC 2752], May, 05.


钢琴独奏《八板》,《多耶》(林绚加演奏)  Ba Ban and Duo Ye for piano solo

ABW Classics [ABW1001] in 2005, Amy Lin Interprets Contemporary Piano Works.


钢琴独奏《唱山歌》(塔莉亚.迈也尔演奏)英国 Usk 唱片公司

Singing in the Mountain for piano solo, by Thalia Myers, Spectrum 4 – 66 miniatures for solo piano, an international collection, Usk Recordings [USK 1227CDD], ABRSM Publishing [LC 14240], 2005.



Mayila and Fengyang Song from A Set of Chinese Folksongs, by University of Utah Singers [UUS-003] 2005.

混声合唱《 茉莉花》(美国俄亥俄州海德堡学院合唱团)
Mo Li Hua (Jasmine Flower) from A Set of Chinese Folk Songs, by The Heidelberg College Chamber Singers, Cond. by Grant W. Cook III, Spring Tour 2006, Soundwaves Recording, Huron, OH, 2006


Point for pipa soloPipa Solo Special Collection of Tianjun, China Wenlian Recording Press [ISRC CN-A49-04-314-00/A.J6].


女声合唱《中国古诗五首》美国 Mark 唱片公司

Chinese Poems for women's choir, in New York State School Music Association 2006: All-State Mixed and Women's Chorus, on Mark Records, B001LU93CO, released on 5/22/2006.


琵琶独奏《点》(演奏讲解琵琶现代作品音乐会­-青年琵琶演奏家兰维薇专辑)(VCD) 中央音乐学院欣赏系列,北京环球音像出版社,天天文化艺术有限公司

The Points for pipa solo, Lan Weiwei Contemporary Pipa Music Lecture Recital, VCD, CCOM, Beiing Universal Music Video & Audio Publishing Company, Tiantian Arts [ISRC CN-A64-02-550-00/V.J7]


钢琴独奏《吉冬诺》(简.索洛斯演奏)美国 Capstone 唱片公司

Ji-Dong-Nuo for piano solo, performed by Jane Solose, included in her solo album Array, on Ravello Records’ Capstone Collection [CPS-8766], 2006.  Re-released digitally by PARMA Recording <>.

女高音与弦乐《如梦令二首》(女高音朱迪思.凯洛克演唱) 美国 Albany 唱片公司
As in a Dream, two songs for soprano, violin and cello, performed by Judith Kellock, Sham Guibbory & Madeleine Shapiro in the CD East Meets West on Albany [Troy 885], 06.
Fisherman’s Song, Romance and Dance, Xu Ke (erhu), Wind and Rhythm, XUA Records [XUADV-8002], 2006.
At the Kansas City Chinese New Year Concert for string quartet, performed by Ying Quartet, in the CD United States: LifeMusic2, on Quartz [QTZ2055], Feb. 2007。


Shuo for string quartet, by the Ying Quartet, in the album Dim Sum on Telarc, released on 1/15/2008 [CD 80690].

混声合唱《 中国民歌合唱》中的《凤阳歌,茉莉花,丢丢铜》和日本民歌《樱花》
Fengyang Song, Mo Li Hua and Diu Diu Deng from A Set of Chinese Folksongs, and Japanese folk song Sakura, Sakura, sung by The Singing Sergeants, in the CD album An American Mosaic,Folk Songs of Our Diverse Heritage, The US Air Force Band, March 2008.

Ode to the Earth for Daruan and orchestra, Dance on the Silk Road for Zhongruan and orchestra, in the album Xu Yang Ruan solo concert, A Sage of the Bamboo Grove, with China National Symphony Orchestra (cond. Hu Yongyan), May 2008, Huanqiu Audio & Video Company <>, Beijing, China.



Wu Yu, Night Thoughts, and …as like a raging fire… (3 chamber works), performed by the Azure Ensemble, included in the CD album: Chen Yi/Karen Tanaka: Invisible Curve, New World 80683, released in 06/2008.



A Set of Chinese Folk Songs, performed by The Studio Orchestra of the Plymouth Canton Symphony Society, on its first commercial CD entitled Magical Tunes & Marvelous Tales, conducted by Nan Harrison Washburn, produced by the PCSS and released on November 1, 2008.



Chen Yi's chamber works Romance of Hsiao and Ch'in for violin and piano, Chinese Ancient Dances for clarinet and piano, and Monologue for clarinet solo, by Beijing New Music Ensemble (Director Eli Marshall) on Naxos [8.570604], released in April 2009.


管乐团曲《荼》 (美国迪坡大学管乐团演奏) 美国Mark Masters 唱片公司录制和发行

Tu for wind ensemble, performed by The DePauw University Band, cond. by Craig Pare in 2008, included on the CD album Starsplitter, on Mark Masters [7871-MCD], Greencastle, IN, 2009.
室内乐曲《气》(美国加州大学现代乐团演奏)美国 Albany 唱片公司

Qi for mixed ensemble, in the CD of Tribute to Chou Wen-chung, released in 2009 on Albany Records [Double CD: Troy 1064-1065].
欧洲竖笛与弦乐队协奏曲《中国古代艺术之美》丹麦 OUR 唱片公司
Chen Yi’s The Ancient Chinese Beauty for recorder and string orchestra, on Michala Petri 50th Birthday Concert with Kremerata Baltica, OUR Recordings [8.226905], Denmark, distributed by NGL Naxos  Global Logistics GmbH, released in Jan. 2009.


钢琴二重奏《中国西部组曲》德国 Cavi-Music 唱片公司

Chen Yi's China West Suite for two pianos, performed by Dennis Russell Davies and Maki Namekawa, in Edition Klavier-Festival Ruhr: Beethoven & Neue Klaviermusik, on Cavi-Music, ASIN: B000ZLNM6S, released on 9/9/2008.



Chen Yi's Spring Festival, performed by Gotham Wind Symphony (professional 45-piece wind band in New York City), cond. by Mike Christianson on the CD New Year New Music, released in Feb. 2009 on artistShare.


横条木琴独奏《京调马林巴》(戈登.斯道特演奏)美国 Bridge 唱片公司

Chen Yi's Jing Marimba for marimba solo, commissioned by Zeltsman Marimba Festival  & dedicated to Nancy Zeltsman, played by Gordon Stout, on Intermediate Masterworks for Marimba (24 New Concert Pieces), on Bridge released on 11/13/2009 [Bridge 9311A/B].


黑管独奏《独白-读阿Q正传有感》(格列哥里.欧克斯演奏)美国 Centaur 唱片公司

Chen Yi's Monologue for clarinet solo, in Gregory Oakes clarinet solo album New Dialects on Centaur Records [CRC3038], released in November 2009.

长笛与钢琴二重奏《西南小曲三首》美国Naxos 唱片公司

Chen Yi's Three Bagatelles from China West, performed by Maya Martin and Colette Valentine, in Eight Visions – A New Anthology for Flute and Piano [Naxos 8.559629], available for streaming and download on 8/28/2009, CD physically released in 12/15/2009.

《为二胡、琵琶、打击乐与萨克斯管四重奏团而作的七重奏》美国 Innova 唱片公司

Chen Yi's Septet for Erhu, Pipa, Percussion and Saxophone Quartet, along with Zhou Long’s Antiphony for Erhu, Daruan, Percussion and Sax Quartet in the album Antiphony on Innova, performed by the Prism Saxophone Quartet and Music From China Ensemble, released in Dec. 2009 [Innova 767].

马林巴与钢琴二重奏《中国西部组曲》美国芝加哥 Luminescence 唱片公司

Chen Yi's China West Suite for marimba and piano, recorded by piano-percussion duo Strike (Jeffery Meyer and Paul Vailancourt) on Luminescence Records in Chicago, released in 2010 [LUM002].


Chen Yi's Happy Rain on a Spring Night for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano, played by Grup21 Contemporary Music, on Solfa [SR0609280], D.L:GI-129-2010, Spain. <>

欧洲竖笛与弦乐队协奏曲《中国古代艺术之美》(四首中国竖笛协奏曲) 丹麦OUR唱片公司
Chen Yi’s The Ancient Chinese Beauty for recorder and string orchestra, on Michala Petri Chinese Recorder Concerts East Meets West with Copenhagen Philharmonic, cond. by Lan Shui, OUR Recordings [6.220603], Denmark, distributed by NGL Naxos Global Logistics GmbH, released in June 2010.



Chen Yi's Three Bagatelles from China West, performed by Bao Jian (Guanzi) and Hu Jianbing (Sheng), on Extension for Guanzi and Sheng [ISRC CN-A64-09-326-00], Tian Tian Art Company, Huanqiu Audio & Video Company <>, Beijing, China.



Chen Yi's Looking at the Sea for women's choir, by Peninsula Women's Chorus, directed by Martin Benvenuto, on the CD Nature Pictures, released in 2010 [LDR-1007].



Chen Yi's Duo Ye for piano solo, on Claire Chiu Piano Recital on New Music by Chinese Composers DVD, China Record Company-Guangzhou, Dec. 2010.


《为萨克斯管四重奏团而作的生日歌》美国 Innova 唱片公司

Chen Yi's Happy Birthday to Prism, included in the album Dedication, to celebrate Prism Quartet's 20th anniversary, released on 5/3/2011, on Innova, ASIN: B004WW8FJU.



Chen Yi's Night Thoughts for flute, cello and piano, played by the Meininger-Trio, on the album Voices of the Rainforest, works by Elisenda Fabregas, Libby Larsen, Chen Yi and Kate Waring, released on Profil, Edition Gunter Hanssler [PH11039], Germany, 2011.



Chen Yi's Duo Ye for piano solo, played by Xie Yashuangzi, on the album Chinese Piano Music since 1980, works by Zhu Jianer, Yang Liqing, Chen Yi, Ya Wen, Chen Xiaoyong, Huang Ruo and Wen Deqing, released on SMPH/SLAU, Shanghai, China, 2011.



Chen Yi’s Ba Ban for piano solo, played by Heidi Louise Williams, on the album Drive American, with works by John Adams, Joan Tower, Daniel Crozier, Chen Yi, Augusta Read Thomas, and William Bolcom, released on 10/1/2011, Albany Records [Troy1298].


长笛协奏曲《金笛》(巴萨利和新加坡交响乐团/水兰指挥)瑞典 Bis 唱片公司

Chen Yi’s The Golden Flute by Sharon Bazaley and the Singapore Symphony, conducted by Lan Shui, released on Bis [CD 1739], Oct. 2011.


四重协奏曲《八音》(拉撤尔萨克斯管四重奏团和斯图加特室内管弦乐团)瑞典 Bis 唱片公司

Chen Yi’s Ba Yin by Rascher Saxophone Quartet and Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra, released on Bis [CD 1821], Nov. 2011.



Chen Yi’s Dragon Rhyme for wind symphony, by Osaka College of Music Wind Orchestra, conducted by Toru Kitano, at the World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles conference on 7/7/2011 in Chiayi City, Taiwan, released on Mark Records [9568-MCD] in the Series: WASBE 2011, on 2/7/2012.



Chen Yi’s Joy of the Reunion for Oboe, Violin, Viola and Double Bass, by Mary Ashley Barret and University of North Carolina Greensboro School of Music faculty, in the album falling still–Music for Oboe by Women Composers, released on Centaur [CRC3182], in March 2012.




Chen Yi’s The Ancient Beauty for Ruan Ensemble and String Orchestra, performed by CCoM Ruan Ensemble (director Xu Yang) and China Youth Symphony (cond. by Xia Xiaotang), Ruan Concert, TTPCCOM CD released in 2012, Beijing Global Audio-Visual Publishing House


单簧管独奏《独白》(劳拉·卡迈克尔演奏)荷兰Karnatic Lab Records唱片公司

Chen Yi’s Monologue for clarinet solo, in the album Trace: a clarinet and bass clarinet CD played by Laura Carmichael on Karnatic Lab Records in Amsterdam, Netherland, released in Sept. 2012.



Chen Yi’s Dragon Rhyme for wind symphony, on Monuments & Motifs, by CSUF Wind Symphony, conducted by Mitchell Fennell, recorded on 3/8-9/2011, released in 2012. California State University-Fullerton, CA, USA.



Chen Yi’s Distance can’t keep us two apart for mixed choir, on, by Arizona State University Symphonic Chorale, cond. by Gregory Gentry, March 1, 2012 in the Pioneer Center, at the ACDA Western Division Conference in Reno, Nevada.

<> Mark 唱片公司



Chen Yi’s Dragon Rhyme for wind symphony, by The Hartt School Wind Ensemble, conducted by Glen Adsit, released on 9/25/2012, on Naxos Wind Band, USA [8.572889].



Chen Yi’s Spring Dreams for a cappella man choir, by Chanticleer, in the album Chanticleer By Request, released in 2012, on Chanticleer Records in USA CR2284.



Chen Yi’s I Hear the Sirens Call for a cappella man choir, by Chanticleer, released in 2012, on Chanticleer Records in USA CLIC009.



Chen Yi’s Monologue for clarinet solo and Chinese Ancient Dances for clarinet and piano, in the album East Meets West played by Qian Jun on Albany Records in USA [Troy 1377], released in November 2012.


童声合唱《登鹳雀楼 》和《采莲》(中国深圳盐田外国语小学童声合唱团)中国唱片深圳公司


Chen Yi’s Chinese Poems for children’s choirs, on Pure Beauty of Children’s Choirs, by Shenzhen Yantian Foreign Language Primary School Children’s Choir, conducted by Li Xi, released on China Record Company (CRC) [SZCD-12/837], Dec. 2012, China.



Chen Yi’s Let’s Reach a New Height, on 25x25, The 25th Anniversary Celebration of The New York Virtuoso Singers, conducted by Harold Rosenbaum, on Soundbrush Records [SR1027], released in Sept. 2013.



Chen Yi’s Chinese Fables for mixed Chinese quartet, by Central Conservatory of Music Youth Traditional Instrumental Ensemble, on Daren Art Deco Beijing Cultural Development Co., Ltd., recorded in Sept. 2013, Beijing, China.



Chen Yi's Romance and Dance, and YangKo, performed by Linda Wang and Alice Rybak, in CD The Stream Flows, on Equilibrium [CD120] released in Dec. 2013.



Chen Yi’s Mountain Song and Dancing Tune and With Flowers Blooming for children’s choirs, on Pure Beauty of Children’s Choirs, by Shenzhen Yantian Foreign Language Primary School Children’s Choir, conducted by Li Xi, released on China Record Company (CRC) [SZCD-12/911], Dec. 2013, China.



Chen Yi’s Tunes From My Home for violin, cello and piano, recorded by the Weiss-Kaplan-Newman Trio  (violinist Mark Kaplan, pianist Yael Weiss and cellist Clancy Newman) in the CD An American Tour, released in April 2014 on Bridge [Bridge 9407].



Chen Yi’s Momentum for full orchestra, recorded by the Tianjin Conservatory Youth Symphony, cond by Jiancheng Zhang, in the album of the Closing Concert of May Festival, Tianjin, 2013, released in March 2014 by China Record Corporation [CCD-3204].


单簧管与钢琴二重奏《中国古代舞曲》(Divan Consort新音乐团演奏)Albany唱片公司

Chen Yi’s Chinese Ancient Dances for clarinet and piano, performed by Virginia Figueiredo and Fueya Unal of Divan Consort, in the album Refuge, released on April 1, 2014 on Albany Records [Troy1484] (Gold Medal Winner,Global Music Awards)



Chen Yi’s China West Suite for 3 guitars, by Manuel Barrueco and Beijing Guitar Duo, in

CD album China West, released on May 27, 2014 on TonarMusic [Tonar 40515].


管乐团曲《龙韵》美国Mark Masters唱片公司

Dragon Rhyme for wind symphony, in the CD Adirondack Songs by the Crane Wind Ensemble cond. by Brian K. Doyle on Mark Masters [51320-MCD], New York, 2014.



Chen Yi’s Three Bagatelles from China West for clarinet and sheng, performed by Jun Qian and Jianbing Hu, in the album East Meets West II: Clarinet Music by Chinese Composers Overseas, released on Dec. 1, 2014 on Albany Records [Troy1528].


小提琴大提琴琵琶三重奏《宁》(何为Amos杨和张申申演奏)美国Con Brio唱片公司

Chen Yi’s Ning for violin, cello, and pipa, recorded on the premiere CD of Bridge Chamber Virtuosi, released on Con line Con Brio Recordings (666449851025) in 2014, and Con Brio [21440] in 2015.


萨克斯管独奏《独白-读鲁迅的“阿Q正传”有感》(Jeff Heisler演奏)美国AMP唱片公司

Chen Yi’s  Monologue (Impressions on The True Story of Ah Q) for saxophone solo, adapted and performed by Jeffrey Heisler, in the album “gradient”, on AMP Recordings [AMPREC 017], released in 2015.



Symphony ‘Humen 1839’ (co-composed with Zhou Long), by New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Darrell Ang, on Naxos [8.570611], Catalogue No: 8.570611 , Barcode: 747313061174, released in May 2015.



Suite for Cello and Chamber Winds, KC Capriccio, Woodwind Quintet, Feng, and Tu, Chen Yi’s music for wind band performed by Texas Tech University Symphonic Wind Ensemble, conducted by Sarah McKoin, on Naxos [8.572838], released in July 2015.



China West Suite for 2 pianos, in the album Western Instruments & Eastern Styles, by Yu

Piano Duo (Yu Meina and Fu Hong), on People Music Publishing Co. ISBN[978-7-88724-905-0]released in 2015.




Duo Ye, Ba Ban, Variations on Awariguli, and Ji-Dong-Nuo for piano solo in the collection A Century of Piano Solo Works by Chinese Composers 1913-2013 (Edited by Li Mingqiang) with score and CD recordings, published by the Shanghai Music Publishing House, released in August 2015.


钢琴独奏曲《北方景色》(Susan Chan演奏) 香港Naxos唱片公司

Northern Scenes for piano solo in the album, Piano Recital: Chan, Susan – Zhou, Long/Lam, Doming/Louie, A./Tan, Dun/Chen, Yi (Echoes of China) on Naxos [Catalogue No: 8.570616; Barcode: 747313061679], released in Aug. 2015.



Fisherman's Song for violin and piano in the album Pieces & Passages, played by Scott Conklin and Alan Huckleberry, released on Albany Records [Troy1546], Sept. 2015. 



Ning for violin, cello, and pipa, performed by AlexandraGreffin-Klein, AlexisDescharmes, and Sun Jing, released by China Record Corporation in Beijing, China in an album Celebration to the 75th anniversary of the Central Conservatory of Music on 10/31/2015.



Chinese Rap, an album of Chen Yi’s compositions (including Chinese Rap for violin and orchestra, Tu for band, Set of Chinese Folk Songs for choir, Romance and Dance for violin and piano), Momentum for orchestra, performed by Kennesaw State University Symphony Orchestra, Wind Ensemble and Chorus, on Centaur Records [ASIN: B01G7QZVFY], released on 6/10/16.



Shuo Chang, in the CD album Songs From Our Ancestors, released on Shakespeare's Globe (Ian Bostridge/Tenor, and Xuefei Yang/Guitar), Sept. 2016 [GlobeMusic-001].



Bamboo Dance II for piano solo, in Spectrum 5 (15 contemporary pieces for solo piano), Thalia Myers, Piano, Usk Recordings [ASIN B01M2834KL], released on 10/14/2016.



Not Alone for sax quartet, in the CD album Paradigm Lost by Prism Quartet, released on XAS Records, 9/22/2017.



Ge Xu for orchestra, in the CD album Phoenix, performed by Tianjin Conservatory of Music Youth Symphony Orchestra conducted by Xu Zhijun, released on China Record Corporation [CCD 3578], 2017.



Fiddle Suite for huqin and full orchestra, in the CD Wind and Rhythm Erhu Concertos, The Magic Bow, Xu Ke & Deutsches Symponie-Orchester Berlin, Conducted by Shao En [XUAR-17418] released on11/6/17 in Japan.



Three Bagatelles From China West for flute and guitar, by Duo Damiana (Molly Barth and Dieter Hennings-Yeomans) in the CD Castillos De Viento on Innova Recordings #982, released on Feb. 23, 2018.



In Memory of Steve for piano solo, in the CD Garlands for Steven Stucky, Gloria Cheng Piano, on Bridge [Bridge 9509], released on 10/5/2018.



Romance of Hsiao and Ch’in for two violins and string orchestra, Edna Michell’s The Compassion Project, Innova re-released on 11/16/2018, Catalog Number #971, UPC 726708697129, New York, New York



Ba Yin for sax quartet and wind ensemble, by Prism Quartet and UMKC Conservatory Wind Symphony (Steven Davis, conductor), released on XAS Records, released 1/18/2019.


木管五重奏《风》(泛太平洋重奏团演奏)美国Albany唱片公司[ASIN: B07TNVX3J3]

Feng for woodwind quintet, and Woodwind Quintet, by Pan Pacific Ensemble (Sophia Tegart, Keri McCarthy, Shannon Scott, Martin King, and Michael Garza), released on Albany Records on 8/23/2019.


《木管五重奏》(泛太平洋重奏团演奏)美国Albany唱片公司[ASIN: B07TLPBDC3]

Woodwind Quintet, by Pan Pacific Ensemble (Sophia Tegart, Keri McCarthy, Shannon Scott, Martin King, and Michael Garza), released on Albany Records on 8/23/19.


男高音与钢琴《独白二首》(用中文演唱)美国Albany唱片公司[ASIN: B07VTY6C3Q]

Meditation for baritone and piano, performed by Brian Arreola (tenor) and Wei-En Hsu (piano) in the album The Boy Who Drew Cats, released on Albany Records [ASIN: B07VTY6C3Q], 9/1/2019.


无伴奏合唱《夜雨寄北》(德国Singer Pur合唱团)德国Oehms唱片公司[OC1714]

Witten on a Rainy Night from Tang Poems for a cappella, by Singer Pur in the album Horizons – Der Geist weht, wo er will, released on Oehms Classics [OC1714] in Germany, in the USA on 9/13/2019.


大提琴独奏《思念》(Julia Tom大提琴独奏专辑)比利时Etcetera唱片公司

Memory for cello solo, by Julia Tom in the album Origins, Works Drawn from the Past, composed by Robert Schumann, Chen Yi, De Falla, De Kanter, and Tan Dun, on Etcetera Records (Belgium), released on 11/6/2019.



Memory for violin solo, by Patrick Yim on Navona Records (USA) [NV6268], released on 1/10/2020.



Night Thoughts for violin, cello, and piano, performed by Civitas Ensemble, Yuan-qing Yu, Kenneth Olsen, and Winston Choi, released on Cedille Records/Cedille Chicago [CDR 90000-193] in the USA on 1/24/2020.


Selected Videography

Curtis 20/21 Ensemble: Chen Yi, Composer in Residence, a whole evening concert of Chen Yi’s chamber works and Interview with David Ludwig, 12/1/2017, selected by The New York Times as one of the best YouTube music programs of the first week of December. <>


MUSAIC (Curated by New World Symphony, America’s Orchestral Academy): Chen Yi discusses the influence of traditional Chinese storytelling and theater (with Cleveland Institute of Music’s Head of Composition, Keith Fitch, 4/4/2014), released in Feb. 2015.

Interview with Chen Yi on the premiere of “Pearle River Overture” by Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, City Huati Program, Guangzhou TV, China, 12/12/2018.

<> and <>.

Sound And Silence (Chen Yi & Her Music), Chen Yi with Chamber Ensemble in Sound and Silence.
International Society for Contemporary Music, Adamov Films and Polish TV, Paris, 1989.
Overseas Artists (New Concept in Creation), A Documentary film of Chen Yi, Taiwan Public TV, 1991.
Cultural Odyssey – Show #17 – Chen Yi & her music, Voice of America/Chinese Branch/Mandarin, 2002.
Chen Yi in America (A Cantonese in New York), A documentary film of Chen Yi, Guangdong TV, China, 2002/2003.
An Interview with Chen Yi by Jay Stone, China Crosstalk TV, Westone Media, CA, 5/28/2003.
Heaven Above, Earth Below, Chen Yi's Chinese Myths Cantata, CBBC, BBC 2
BBC Philharmonic, BBC Singers, Chinese Weekend, Jan. 2004, broadcast on 10/26/04.

Chen Yi’s Spring Festival composed for school band commissioned by ACF:


Chen Yi’s Thinking of My Home composed for school choir commissioned by ACF:


Chen Yi’s Percussion Concerto (live broadcast)

Mexican National TV, performed by OFUNAM with soloist Ms. Liu Ying in Mexico City on 2/12&13/05, conducted by Zuohuang Chen.


Chen Yi, Music and Dream, the World of Chinese, CCTV, Beijing, China, 2007.


1977 Class of CCOM (Reunion for Love), Dongfang Satellite TV, Shanghai, China, 2008.


Featured Composer Chen Yi, Talk Tonight (Chinese TV show), KTSF26, 3/10/2008, CA.


Prospect Overture for full orchestra by China National Symphony at the CNCPA, CCTV 2009 New Year <> from 17:50-26:26


Percussion Concerto, by Zhang Jingli & Ningbo Symphony, cond. by Yang Li on March 8, 2018, (published on 3/30/2018)


Fiddle Suite for huqin and full orchestra, Yen Jie-min (soloist) and Beijing Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Tan Li-hua, CCTV, 2007.


Piano Concerto, by Chen Sa and the Qingdao Symphony Orchestra, cond. by Hu Yongyan, at Kennedy Center, Washington DC, USA, 2/1/2009.

<> (from 2:27 to 19:50)


Dragon Rhyme played by Central Washington University Wind Ensemble, CBDNA, <>, cond. by Larry Gookin, 3/25/2011


Suite From China West for wind ensemble, by Stanford Wind Sym, cond. by Giancarlo Aquilanti, 2016

I. Introduction <>;

II. Meng Songs <>;

III. Zang Songs <>;

IV. Miao Dances <>


Tang Poems for mixed chorus, by C4 Choral Composer/Conductor Collective, conducted by Phillip Cheah on 2/23/08 at Norwegian Seamen's Church, NYC.

II. Written on a Rainy Night <>

III. Wild Grass


Spring Dreams performed by Chanticleer at the Estonia Concert Hall, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2/10/2006

< s>


Spring Dreams for mixed choir by Te-Deum Chamber Choir <>


Spring Dreams, composed by Chen Yi, sung by PLA Arts Academy Choir, CCTV Choral Competition Gold Medal, 2008, Beijing China.


Distance Can’t Keep Us Two Apart for mixed choir, by Montclair State University Singers, conducted by Heather Buchanan, at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium, at the ACDA Eastern Division Conference in Providence, Rhode Island, 2/17/2012.


Xuan for mixed choir, performed by Renwen Philharmonic Choir (China), 2011 Busan International Choral Festival & Competition (Korea), Gold Medal winner of Ethnic Music, cond. Zhou Kai, 11/4/2011 <>


Let’s Reach a New Height for mixed choir by New York Virtuoso Singers



Two Chinese Folk Songs for mixed choir, arranged by Chen Yi and Steven Stucky, performed by University of Louisville Collegiate Chorale on 11/10/2011



Korean folk song Arirang arranged by Chen Yi for mixed choir, performed by Seoul Singers conducted by Jungpyo Hong, 7/12/10 <>


The Points for pipa solo, performed by Yu Jia, at the Singapore Conference Hall, 5/9/2003

< >


The Points for pipa solo, performed by Jiang Yang on YouTube <!>


Memory for violin solo, performed by Chen Xi in Beijing, 6/10/2010



Monologue for clarinet solo performed by Gregory Oakes at the New Frontiers Music Festival at the University of Wyoming on 10/15/2008


Jing Marimba, performed by Andrew Chan <>


The Complete Solo Piano Works of Chen Yi, A Recording, Analysis, and Interpretation by Qing Nadia Feeken, DMA Dissertation, Arizona State University, published in March 2013 (Total 8 works):

< >

Ji-Dong-Nuo <>,

Guessing <>,

Singing in the Mountains <>,

Two Chinese Bagatelles: 1) Yu Diao and 2) Small Beijing Opera Gong <> <>, and Variations on “Awariguli” <>.


Duo Ye for piano solo, by Amy Lin <>


Duo Ye for piano solo, by Yumi Suehiro at Composer’s Voice-New York Women Composers concert, 3/24/2013 at the Jan Hus Church, New York City.



Ba Ban for piano solo, by Amy Lin <>


Ba Ban for piano solo, by Jonathan Keener at the James Madison University Contemporary Music Festival, 2010 <>


Ba Ban for piano solo, by Heidi Louise Williams (Artists International's Special Presentation Winners Series in 2004) <>


Ji-Dong-Nuo for piano solo (2005) performed by Kiu Tung Poon, 11/5/2017



China West Suite for two pianos, by Liang-He Duo (Xiaomin Liang & Jue He)

1st mvt: <>

2nd mvt: <>

3rd mvt: <>

4th mvt: <>

The 3rd prize winner of “Liszt 200 Chicago International Two-Piano Competition”

(Oct. 2011, Chicago)


Romance and Dance for violin and piano by Julia Glenn and Mika Sasaki



Chinese Ancient Dances adapted for soprano saxophone and piano, played by Zach Shermon and Jiyoun Chung (Midwest Premiere) at UMKC on 10/3/2013



As in a Dream for soprano and zheng, by Feinan Wang & Yu-chen Wang at UMKC Musica Nova concert <>


Bright Moonlight for female voice and piano by Leslie Bickle and Zhu Jialiang



Ning for violin, cello, and pipa, performed by Alexandra GREFFIN-KLEIN (violin), SUN Jing, (pipa) and Alexis DESCHARMES (cello), at the Beijing International Composition Workshop 2015 in the Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing, China, 7/23/2015. <>


Night Thoughts for flute, cello, and piano, by Colleen White, Adam Riggs, Jessica Niles

<> at Boulder Seventh Day Adventist Church, Green Room Artists, CO, 7pm, 8/23/18


Chinese Fables for pipa, erhu, sanxian and percussion, by Lan Weiwei, Yang Xue, Zhang Liumeng and Ni Ranran at the Beijing International Composition Workshop, 7/10/2012, Beijing, China

1st mvt: The Fox Profited by the Tiger’s Might (from 5:55)


2nd and 3rd mvts: Master Dong-guo and the Wolf; The Snipe and the Clam



Fiddle Suite for huqin and strings

Xu Ke and Berlin Philharmonic String Quintet at Beijing Concert Hall, 11/9/2011, CCTV.

1st mvt (Singing) [26:56] <>;

2nd mvt (Reciting) [32:29] <>;

3rd mvt (Dancing) [38:59-43:40] <>  <!>

3rd mvt (Dancing): <>


Selected Chen Yi Profile & Her Music on Radio Programs


Chen Yi's Chinese Myths Cantata, performed by BBC Philharmonic and BBC Singers, cond. by Jason Lai on 1/24/04, and introduced in the Discovering Music programme hosted by Stephen Johnson, in an one hour program broadcast on BBC Radio3 on 3/6/2004. <>


Chen Yi & Her Chamber Works performed in the Composer's Portrait series by CY & Musicians from the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, conversation with Andrew McGregor at the Victoria & Albert Museum; and Percussion Concerto, performed by BBC Symphony w/ EG, cond. by Yan Pascal Tortelier at Royal Albert Hall at the Proms on 8/19/2003, 1.5 hour program live broadcast on BBC Radio3.


Chen Yi & Her Music, three 30-minute programs hosted by Lin Mo, Radio Free Asia, Washington, DC, 2002/2004. <>

Kulturen verbinden, Traditionen verschmelzen: Die Musik der chinesisch-amerikanischen Komponistin Chen Yi, Ein Portrait von Heinz-Dieter Reese, Bayern 2 Radio: KlangArt, Montag, 30, August 2004, 21.30-22.30 Uhr, Bayerischer Rundfunk.

Additional info

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