Born outside of Philadelphia, PA, Christopher Bailey turned to music composition in his late 'teens, and to electroacoustic composition during his studies at the Eastman School of Music, and later at Columbia University. He is currently based in Boston, but frequently participates in musical events in New York City.

Recent commissions include Empty Theatre for piano and string orchestra, commissioned for a portrait concert of his music as part of the Sinus Ton Festival in Magdeburg, Germany (October  2014); a chamber-music version of Mergurs Ehd Ffleweh Bq Nsolst, ostensibly a field recording of denizens of the planet Mercury, featured on MATA's 2013 festival in New York City; Composition For S#1††¥ Piano, Drum Samples, Concrete Sounds, and Processing, for the Allen Strange Award of the Washington Composers Forum;  Harvest Kitchen, commissioned by Harvestworks in New York City; and Out Of, written for Marylin Nonken.

His recent albums include Harvest Kitchen, on Hanging Bell Records, and Rain Infinity and  Glimmering Webs on the New Focus Recordings label, and Immolation Ritual on Innova.

Describe your music

Christopher Bailey's music explores a variety of musical threads, including microtonality (Just Intonation, Equal-Divisions-of-the-Octave, and interactions between 12-edo and JI or other EDOs),  acousmatic and concrète sounds, serialist junk sculpture, ornate musical details laid out in flat forms, and constrained improvisation.