Deborah Anderson draws upon many diverse life experiences to create music which pleases performer and audience alike.  She writes for various combinations of instruments. You can peruse and purchase her music on the web site.  Just enter Deborah J. Anderson into the search box.



Deborah Anderson grew up in Tacoma, Washington.  She received her BA in French from Lawrence University (Wisconsin).  After a year "au pair" (Paris), she served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Tunisia, where she taught English.  Anderson earned her Master's Degree in French (University of Washington/Seattle), then taught college-level French and ESL.  Studies in piano, voice, Arabic oud, Renaissance lute, and seven foreign languages enrich her music with perception and depth.  Travels have taken her throughout western and eastern Europe, Peru, New Zealand, and North America.  Her richly-textured compositions possess an inherent old-world sound that reflects her experiences and her world-view.  The National Flute Association regularly performs Deborah's pieces at its annual convention.

Her works are programmed on concerts locally, nationally and internationally.

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Anderson's works resist categorization. Refreshing melodies, shifting rhythms, surprising key modulations and a certain disregard for traditional rules allow for a freedom of expression and depth of meaning. Sometimes resembling a blend of Debussy, Rachmaninoff and folk-song, her listener-friendly compositions invite unusual and significant personal responses, often bringing healing. Early works are for choir and solo voice. Later, Deborah began writing for flute ensemble. Subsequent pieces (currently at Opus 83) include solos, duos, trios and quartets for various combinations of flute, bassoon, clarinet, harp, viola, baritone saxophone, piano and voice. Many works are available from ALRY Publications, and other works from Dorn, Alea, Trevco, Fatrock Ink,  as well as directly from Deborah @

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"Four Sketches", for alto flute, harp and tenor voice. "As a Lily among Brambles", 3 romantic movements for baritone saxophone and piano, inspired by lines from the Song of Songs."Wild Life" - a set of seven short pieces for advanced piano students, based on seven nature photographs by a native Seattlite. Each photograph can be projected as the pianist perfoms its musical interpretation."Sky Watch" - an introspective piece for 4 or 6-part flute ensemble."Northwest Passage" - for flute and guitar"Follow Me" and "Dare Devil" - short piano concerti for intermediate student piano and youth chamber orchestra. A recently released CD entitled "Made in Tacoma" features 2 of my pieces for saxophone. Available from, iTunes and ALEA Publishing. Most recent compositions: a collection of 12 lullabies for an elderly friend (piano solo), a brass quintet, a 4-movement piece for concert band - "Under the Bridges of Paris" with stunning video,  an unusual piece for harp, cello and narrator: "Solar Flare Enigma", and a set of three art songs for soprano voice, clarinet and double bass.    Learn more by accessing her website: You can see, listen to and purchase her music from the web site.  Enter Deborah J. Anderson into the search box.

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Images from Mt. Tahoma (bassoon solo with flute choir) and As a Lily among Brambles (bari sax and piano) were recently mentioned on Seattle's classical station KING FM. A CD recently released by ALEA Publishing is available from Made in Tacoma, new works for saxophone. Erik Steighner, saxophone.