I am a composer from the state of Washington.  My music has been published by ALRY, Dorn and Fatrock Ink, and is also available through   This music is performed all over the world.  I believe that the natural beauty surrounding me has greatly influenced me.  Over the years, I have composed for many different instruments, and I especially enjoy the challenge of unusual settings.



I began composing at the age of 6, and have never stopped.  I graduated from Lawrence University, in Appleton, Wisconsin, with a B.A. in French.  After a year in France I signed up  with the Peace Corps and served in Tunisia where I learned to play the 'oud and sing in Arabic. Following that, I earned an M.A. in French and taught at the college level until motherhood took precedence.  I jumped into serious composing when writing for a church choir, and subsequently for a local flute choir. From then on, I began publishing my work and branching out to many different settings.    Please see my website for more information:


Describe your music

My music has been described as engaging and refreshing.  Tonal in nature, it nonetheless acknowledges contemporary trends, and usually leads down unexpected paths.  As of 2019, I have composed 93 works of varying length and complexity, ranging from a 2-minute piece for 2 cellos to a 20-minute work for concert band.  My music is characterized by a freedom of movement that allows for many moods, from deep introspection and mystery to story-telling to playfulness.  It is inherently accessible to both performers and audiences.  Please see my website for more information: and visit jwpepper/myscore/Deborah-J-Anderson to listen to and purchase my music.

Interested in collaborating with

Poets, performers, special settings.

Additional info

Please feel free to contact me at, or visit my Facebook site:  music.

I especially enjoy a good challenge.