Douglas Geers' music pulls at the loose ends of classical, jazz, pop, and other musics, creating a crunchy blend all its own.


Praised for its "shimmering electronic textures" (Kyle Gann, Village Voice), the music of Douglas Geers utilizes technology extensively, often in multimedia contexts. One example of this work is his 70-minute theatrical multimedia concerto Gilgamesh, which received three performances at the Theater an der Sihl in Zurich, Switzerland during June of 2002. Geers is an Associate Professor of Music and Director of the Center for Computer Music at the City University of New York, Brooklyn College ( Geers received his DMA from Columbia University, where he studied composition with Fred Lerdahl, Tristan Murail, Brad Garton, and Jonathan D. Kramer. See Geers' website for more details and audio clips.

I admire any music that can excite my ears and my brain, and I love to dance.

Describe your music

Inanna (90-minute concerto-play), Calling (opera), Laugh Perfumes (violin concerto), Tremor Transducer (chamber music + computer), Memory Dust (big band and computer), Gilgamesh (multimedia theater), and many works for violin and computer, including Enkidu.