George, known colloquially as Nick, began his musical study at age eighteen upon entering college. Enraptured by his first course, an Introduction to the World of Music, George immersed himself in the studies of classical music; the theory, the repertoire, the performance, the history. He immediately began taking group piano lessons and within a semester advanced to private lessons with Dr. Robert M. Auler. Throughout his tutelage he also undertook the art of pedagogue, developing a private piano studio of twelve students as well as working as a church pianist and organist. After four years of intense study, George gave a senior recital that included performances of works by Mozart, Schumann, Rachmaninoff and Chopin as well as faculty performances of original compositions. Currently, Mr. Gianopoulos is the Composer-in-Residence for the Los Angeles based Chamber Orchestra, Symbiosis where they perform his music around Southern California.

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Complete Catalogue of Works - Scores & Parts Available Upon Request
*Work In Progress/Revision

Op. 1 - Humoresque for Piano Quartet [Flute, Oboe, Clarinet in A & Piano]

Op. 2 - Impromptu for Piano Quartet [Violin, Bb Clarinet, Cello & Piano]

Op. 2b – Impromptu for Piano Quartet [Flute, Bb Clarinet, Cello & Piano]

*Op. 3 - Outside the Box, a Suite for Chamber Orchestra

Op. 3b - Outside the Box: Original Cues

Op. 4 - Chansons D'amour, Four Songs for Mezzo-Soprano & Piano

Op. 5 - Two Fantasies for Solo Piano

Op. 6 - Twenty-Four Chorale-Preludes in All Major & Minor Keys for Keyboard Instruments

Op. 7 - Three Songs for [Mezzo]-Soprano & Piano

Op. 7b - Three Songs for [Mezzo]-Soprano, Flute, Violin, Clarinet & Cello

*Op. 8 - Three Preludes for Solo Piano

*Op. 9 - Overture to 'Hooray for Hollywood' for Large Orchestra

Op. 10 - Motet, "Nulla In Mundo Pax Sincera" for 6-Part Acapella Choir

Op. 11 - Twelve Variations on an Original Theme for ‘Cello & Piano

Op. 12 - Three Songs for Soprano & Chamber Orchestra

Op. 12b - Three Songs for Soprano & Piano

Op. 12c - Three Songs for Soprano & Marimba

*Op. 13 - Introduction, Allegro & Grand Romance for Violin & Orchestra

Op. 13b - Introduction, Allegro & Grand Romance for Violin & Piano

Op. 14 - Three Songs for Baritone & Piano

Op. 15 - Five Pieces for Solo Piano

Op. 16 - Three Conversations for Two Clarinets

Op. 16b - Three Conversations for Violin & Cello
Op. 17 - Nocturne for Solo Piano

Op. 18 – Three Songs of Shattering for Mezzo-Soprano & Piano

Op. 19 – Suite for Flute & Piano

*Op. 20 – Sailing to Byzantium for SATB Choir

Op. 21 – Sonata for Two Celli

Op. 22 – Quintet for Two Violins, Viola & Two Celli

Op. 23 – Hatzlacha Rabbah!!! for Viola & Piano

Op. 23b – Hatzlacha Rabbah!!! for Viola & String Orchestra

Op. 23c – Hatzlacha Rabbah!!! for Two Violas

Op. 23d – Hatzlacha Rabbah!!! for Two Celli

Op. 23e – Hatzlacha Rabbah!!! for Viola & Viola Choir

*Op. 23f – Hatzlacha Rabbah!!! for Clarinet Quartet

Op. 24 – Monologue for Solo ‘Cello

Op. 25 – The Circadian Calendar for Solo ‘Cello

Op. 26 – Three Scherzi for Solo Oboe

Op. 26b – Three Scherzi for Solo Alto Saxophone

Op. 26c – Three Scherzi for Solo Clarinet in B-Flat

Op. 27 – Thirteen Haiku for Singers & Piano

*Op. 28 – Copper and Zinc for Brass Trio

Op. 29 – City Vignettes for Mezzo-Soprano & Guitar [or Piano]

Op. 29b – City Vignettes for Flute & Guitar [or Piano]

Op. 29c – City Vignettes for Clarinet in A [or Bb] & Guitar [or Piano]

Op. 29d – City Vignettes for Violin & Guitar [or Piano]

Op. 29e – City Vignettes for Alto Saxophone & Guitar [or Piano]

Op. 30 – Water Music for Flute, Clarinet [or Oboe], ‘Cello, Piano & Percussion

Op. 30b – Water Music for Two Pianos

*Op. 30c – Water Music for Flute, Clarinet and Piano

Op. 31 – Variations on B-A-C-H for Solo ‘Cello

Op. 31b – Fragments on B-A-C-H for Solo ‘Cello

Op. 32 – The Last Silent Voice, an Opera in One Act for Two Sopranos, Mezzo-Soprano, Tenor, Baritone & Chamber Orchestra

Op. 32b – The Last Silent Voice, an Opera in One Act for Two Sopranos, Mezzo-Soprano, Tenor, Baritone & Piano

*Op. 32c – The Last Silent Voice, an Opera in One Act for Soprano, Baritone, Piano and String Quartet

*Op. 33 – Preludium & Grand Chorale for Trombone Sextet

Op. 34 – Clockwork for Percussion Trio

*Op. 35 – L'Enfant Terrible, a Children's Album for Solo Piano

*Op. 36 – Variations on a Theme of Komitas for Violin & Piano

*Op. 37 – Two Epigrams for Mezzo-Soprano, Flute, Clarinet, Guitar and 'Cello

Op. 38 – Birds of Paradise for Solo Flute

*Op. 39 – American Accents for Piano Trio

Op. 40 – The Circadian Calendar, Book Two for Solo ‘Cello

*Op. 41 – Songs of Eternal Oblivion for Soprano & ‘Cello

*Op. 42 – The Bells for Soprano & Percussion

*Op. 43 – Twelve Short Stories for Solo Marimba

Op. 44 – God Save the Queen for Soprano & Piano