Educator, performer, improviser, author, composer



Jeffrey Agrell joined The University of Iowa School of Music faculty in 2000 as horn professor after a first career as a professional symphony musician. He has won awards as both a composer and a writer, with over one hundred published articles to his credit and many compositions published, recorded, and performed worldwide on concert stages, at festivals and competitions. He is very interested in creativity in music and in improvisation for classical musicians, frequently giving concerts and workshops nationally and internationally. Professor Agrell also teaches a unique course entitled Improvisation for Classical Musicians, and has six published books on the subject, including Improvisation Games for Classical Musicians (all published by GIA (Chicago); Improv Games is 354 p.; Vol. II (382 p.) is due out in early 2016). His first CD “Repercussions” is a unique recording of contemporary classical improvisations. "Mosaic" (horn, cello, piano; MSR Classics) features new improvised interpretations of Renaissance and Baroque music. His most recent CD is “Soundings,” compositions and improvisations for horn, percussion, and electronica (also MSR Classics,