Joshua Arnoldy holds a Bachelor's degree in Music Composition from Kansas State University and is in pursuit of a Master's degree in Music Composition from the University of Houston. He grew up in Downs, KS, a rural town in North central Kansas.

His compositional output consists of pieces for voice, chamber, orchestra, and wind ensemble. Joshua has received commissions from the Kingwood Park High School Orchestra and the "Gilded Films Podcast" hosted by Brett Doze.

Describe your music

At the basis of my career, I consider myself a storyteller. I draw inspiration from several sources including nature, artwork, and literature. Mostly I hope to share stories and emotions directly relating to the human experience.

As a developing composer, my style is still being established. My works tend to have a strong rhythmic basis and I enjoy employing dissonant harmonies in new ways.

Interested in collaborating with

I am always open to collaborate with anyone interested in working with me in any way. Particularly I would be interested in working with other mediums of art, aside from music, such as combining elements of dance, literature, electronics, or physical art

Additional info

Aside from composing, I find myself creating in other ways including poetry. I am also in the process of completing my first novel.

I have a history of dedicated involvement with community and leadership organizations including Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA); the Delta Chi Fraternity; and Kansas State University Student Governing Association.