Jonathan Annis is a graduate research assistant at the University of Oklahoma pursuing a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in music composition. He holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Carson-Newman college with majors in music composition, music theory, and saxophone performance, and a Master of Music degree from the University of Oklahoma in music composition. His primary composition teachers include Marvin Lamb, Ryan Garber, Jeff Gorbski, and Bruce Reiprich. He has also participated in a masterclass taught by Nancy Van de Vate in Vienna. Jonathan was chosen to present “This Title May Vary” on the CMS Pacific Southwest conference 2012 held in Tucson, AZ. His music has also been performed at the International Saxophone Festival in Poland in 2014.


As a composer, Jonathan’s work has been recorded by the University of Tennessee at Knoxville’s orchestra under the direction of James Fellenbaum, Carson-Newman University’s A cappella Choir directed by Dr. Eric Thorson, and Carson-Newman’s Wind Ensemble under the direction of Dr. Jeff Gorbski.

Describe your music

"Concerto in F" for Soprano Saxophone and Wind Symphony

"Sonata" for Soprano Saxophone and Piano

"In Contrast" for Saxophone Quartet

"Three Minitures" for Saxophone and Clarinet

"No Man's Land" for Unaccompanied Baritone Saxophone

"West to East" for Wind Symphony

"Cold Springs" for String Quartet

"Dance Suite" for Harp, Oboe, and Flute

"Approaching Storm" for Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, and Piano

"Three Pieces" for Saxophone Chamber Orchestra

"Reflections" for Woodwind Quintet

"Mountain Symphony" for Saxophone Chamber Orchestra

"Romance" for Oboe, Flute, and Piano