Elizabeth Capra is a neo-classical composer, pianist and performer. She is the founder of Delphi Project, an avant-garde duo making classical music come to life through performances that stretch the boundaries of new music and dance. Her goal is to make music that reaches inside you and makes you remember.


M. Elizabeth Capra is an award-winning composer/pianist/performer/teacher residing in New Mexico. Her work for solo piano and ensemble has been featured in many films and documentaries. She has performed her works in the US and abroad. She is the 2019 International Piano Guild Composition Competition Winner. She is the 2019 2nd prize recipient of the Golden Key of Vienna Interational Composition Competition. Her piece, La Resistance, is a 2020 ISC Semi-finalist. Capra has performed at the Women Composer Festival of Hartford. She has scored award-winning feature films, shorts and documentary series. Classically trained, she won the MTNA Honors Piano Competition for NM at the age of 16. Influences ranging from Chopin, Debussy and Dvoȓak to Glass, Sinatra, Cesaria Evora, and Sting can be seen in her “neo-classical” compositions

Describe your music

Capra's music is neo-classical, atmospheric with an edge. It is Game of Thrones meets Enya.

Interested in collaborating with

Capra has been involved in very rewarding collaborations with choreographers and electro-acoustic musicians, film-makers and app- designers.

Additional info

I'm always up to take on a new project, commission or performance! Please contact me at