Music can articulate beyond the boundaries of language, and even emotions.  Music can be timeless and transcend the limitations of our experience of time.


Mr. Colina, born of Cuban-American heritage, Studied composition at the North Carolina School of the Arts with Vittorio Giannini, Louis Mennini, and Robert Ward; Continued studies at the Chigiana in Sienna, Italy with Thomas Pasatieri and Roman Vlad. He was the first recipient of the Vittorio Giannini Memorial Scholarship award.Currently living and working in New York, Mr. Colina has been writing for Television, Film, Theatre, Dance and the Concert Stage for over 20 years. His Music has been performed through out the US and Europe.He produces and writes for many of the great contemporary Jazz musicians of today. He has been nominated for 4 Grammy awards and won three in the field of contemporary Jazz. Also Mr. Colina has released 2 solo CDs on Private Music Label as a Pianist and has 3 Gold Records to his name. Mr. Colina was awarded an ACE Award in the category: Best Film Score; co-composed with Saxophonist David Sanborn for the Film "Finnegan Begin Again" Directed by Joan Micklin Silver.


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RECENT WORKS (2000-2004)Songs for Soprano and Piano set to the Poems of GM Hopkins, William Blake, e. e. Cummings Piano Concertino #2 in 3 movements with String Orchestra 2001 Sestina Mutations (piano work in 3 movements, 2003)Violin Concerto for Violin and String Orchestra 2002 Caras de La Madrugada (suite for solo piano) 2004 Isles of Shoals for Solo Flute and Orchestra

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The keepers at the gate

328,259 new books are published in the US each year compared to

106,000  CD releases of all types of music.

The number of all new CD releases in the US peaked in 2008 at 106,000 but 1,515 sold over 10,000 copies.

Illegal downloads of CD’s still represent about 90% of the market

Legitimate Classical Labels release about 1500 albums per year less than 1% of the total, another 1500-2000 DIY CDs complete the total annual Classical releases.

The remaining 3 “major” labels – Universal, Sony and EMI - will be out of the classical business within 2 years. They will create no more than a handful of additional classical CDs. With the possible exception of a few “crossover” artists the labels will drop all of their classical artists. The majors will focus on trying to salvage their pop business and will abandon classical because it is more trouble than it is worth.

__________________________________________________________________________________Artist’s/ Novelist, / Composer’s

Of the three creative disciplines the narrowest opening through the Gate of visibility is for composers. Only an endorsement of; or a performance by one of the 10-15 Major conductors of the world can lift a composer from obscurity to the limelight

No critic, or publisher or lesser orchestra has much say in the matter.

No self financed productions or performances are respected.

Despite the fact that legitimate Classical Labels release about 1500 per year, another 1500-2000 DIY CDs complete the total Classical releases.

And with an estimated 5000 composers in the US alone, how can one get heard without self-production? The use of the word “Vanity record” under these circumstances is a snobbish misunderstanding of what the reality is for composer’s attempting to have their music heard.