I am constantly striving to compose colorful and mood-evoking sounds for stimulation or relaxation, wistful thoughts, mental scenery, or listening pleasure for massage therapy. The love for music is not's felt.


Rob Saman(1944) loved music since playing chop-stix on the upright at the age of six, thereafter taking classical lessons. Rob began to master music throughout his schooling playing in various musical organizations and writing pleasantries and dissonances while discovering several instruments. He participated with the Mount St. Mary's College Chamber Groups, Occidental College Commencement Orchestras and the Burbank Youth Orchestra playing the French horn. Rob also attended college in business administration and San Fernando Valley State College (CSCN) in music education. He enjoyed counterpoint, composition, theory and music history. Yes, Rob marched the trails blowing his own horn at the Renaissance Festivals held around Southern California. He is also a member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia.Rob's college was interrupted by a call to duty as he attended the Naval School of Music in Norfolk, Virginia. He served with the Army bands in Los Angeles, California and Tokyo, Japan. After declining further military schooling as a trained band director, Rob began a thirty-year management career in the aircraft defense industry taking further aerospace sponsored management and engineering courses. It turned out that Rob discovered that government research and development programs such as stealth and the moon landing affected how computers and programs could work together for the enjoyment of mankind, rather than the demise of it. Rob is now creating full scores using full instrumental playback capabilities with the new technologies available.

My musical style has been influenced by the sounds of Aaron Copeland, Yanni and Enya, the guitar of Will Akerman and the pictoral vibes of Tim Janus and David Lanz. My musical development was most influenced by Leonard Bernstein when I was growing up. If it wasn't for Mr. Bernstein and my high school music teacher Mr. Robert Rose, Stan Kenton and his music forums, and the extremely diverse concerts with sounds reverberating throughout the mountains around the Hollywood Bowl, I wouldn't have continued on understanding and enjoying music all these years.

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Symphony No.1 (Harmonix) in four movements.
Suite of Dreams Parts 1-6 (with mixed chorus, orchestra, piano, and synthesizers).
The Colorado, Mono Pass, Reflections of Sedona, Moonrise Over Mojave's Castle Peaks
(with mixed chorus, orchestra, and electronic bass and synthesizers).
Variations Of A Simple Nature, Walking In Hollywood, Zenith At Twilight (Piano Scores).
Massage Moods (Parts 1 thru 4) for Orchestra and Choir.
Romantic Melodies Nos. 1 thru 4 Orchestra and Chamber Ensemble.
Yellowstone for Chamber Instruments.
To Mary (A Poem of Love) a sextet for Soprano, Piano, Flute, Violin, Viola, and Cello.

Plus, a series of Songs of  Contemplation (various titles) written for Orchestra, Select Instruments  and Mixed Chorus.

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Adult Contemporary, Neo-classical