Natalia Rojcovscaia is a composer, pianist, conductor, pedagogue, linguist, interpreter, writer, librettist, actress, painter and sound director.
Natalia is a member of the Union of Composers and Musicologists of Moldova, a member of the Composers Union of the Russian Federation, a Board member of the International Alliance for Women in Music (IAWM), a member of the American Composers Forum. She is a laureate of national and international competitions, a participant of the international festivals.​ Natalia Rojcovscaia is the President of the Guild of Young Art Creators.


Natalia Rojcovscaia graduated from the Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts, Republic of Moldova.
Natalia is a pianist-diplomate of the national Young Performers Competition, organized by the Union of Composers and Musicologists of Moldova.
In July 2007 Natalia participated as a composer in the II-th International Festival of Contemporary Music “Music Marine Fest” (Ukraine, Odessa).
She is a constant participant in the annual International Festival of Contemporary Music “Zilele Muzicii Noi” (“The Days of New Music”) in Chisinau.
Since 2008 Natalia is a member of the Union of Composers and Musicologists of Moldova.
She was the laureate of the Polish Competition of Composers “A. Mickiewicz”, conducted by the Polish Embassy and the Polish Society in Moldova (2009).
In 2010 and 2011 Natalia twice received the diploma in internal composer competitions, organized by the Union of Composers and Musicologists of Moldova in categories “Chamber Music” and “Symphonic Works”.
In 2010 Natalia was one of the winners of the International Competition of Scores, organized by the Orchestra Unleashed (USA, California, Hollywood). On September 11th, 12thof the same year, in the “El Portal” Theatre, passed two concerts, which was filled with her music.
In 2017 Natalia graduated with a Master's Degree in translation–interpretation of English from Institute of International Relations of Moldova.
In January 2019, Natalia Rojcovscaia became a member of the International Alliance for Women in Music and since October of this year she became a member of IAWM Board.
Natalia Rojcovscaia joined the Composers Union of the Russian Federation on July 4, 2019.
Since the spring of 2019 Natalia Rojcovscaia is the President of the Guild of Young Art Creators.
In December 2019, Natalia was honored to join the American Composers Forum.
Music by composer Natalia Rojcovscaia is on the air of radio stations around the world: the USA, Canada, the Netherlands, Africa, Moldova and others.
From 2000 till present Natalia works as a composer, interpreter, and pedagogue in the Theatre Union of Children of Moldova "Globe" and in her author's project MusicEnglish Club.
In 2008 Natalia founded the recording studio "Music Studio" on the basis of the TUCM "Globe", where she became a composer, arranger and sound director. Then this studio was renamed the Music Studio "Microcosm".
Since 2016 Natalia Rojcovscaia is a composer and pedagogue in the Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts RM.

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Natalia Rojcovscaia’s creativity covers many genres and forms of both Art Music (ensemble, orchestral, major choral, musical and dramatic) and Electronic Studio Music.

There are many publications on her compositional and scientific activities: “Synthesis of Music Programs in the Works by Composer Natalia Rojcovscaia” (Mihaela Rusu), “Modern Syncretism in the Framework of the Festival ”Days of New Music” (Valeria Barbas), “Rojcovschii Dynasty” (Ludmila Alexei), an article on the new achievements of Natalia was published in the news section of the Journal of the International Alliance for Women in Music and others.

Many documentaries, television programs and interviews with Natalia were shot, where she was presented in the role of composer, pianist and actress of the Сhildren Music and Drama Theatre “Globe”. Recently Natalia was invited to Moscow to take part in the filming of the M. Kazinik's documentary about new, progressive teaching methods “The School of Nobel Laureates”.

Natalia's artworks were published in the magazines of Moldova and Germany.

A number of her articles have been published, such as “ArtWay is a Universal Method for the Future” in the newspaper "Russian Word", “The Impact of Contemporary Art and Music Tendencies on Education in the European Union”, “About W. Shakespeare and His Play “The Tempest” in My Creative Life”, “Intercultural Communication” and etc.

Natalia Rojcovscaia also works in such areas as film music, music for television programs, and theater performances.

In addition, Natalia has written extensive musicological researches on the little-studied themes about the Opera Libretto and World Music Terminology (musical and linguistic work).

Natalia Rojcovscaia actively takes part in seminars, conferences, workshops, master classes, competitive and examination judging, various creative, scientific and educational projects.

She is the author of the ArtWay method of learning English through the Musical Art, as well as new methods of teaching musical-theoretical disciplines in synthesis with the exact sciences, philosophy, literature, etc., which she successfully applies in her practice.




Describe your music

Mikhail Kazinik - Musician, Art Critic, Hermeneutic, Culturologist, Writer, Director, Actor, Professor of the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, Leading Expert of the Nobel Concert, Author of the Method "Complex Wave Lesson", Academician of the Slavic Academy, Member of the International Arts Commission. Honorary Member of the International Writers and Publicists Association

Having get familiared with the pedagogical and compositional activity of Natalia Rojcovscaia, I want to express my confidence that her work as a musician, educator, composer and teacher deserves the highest appreciation. I am convinced that the presence of such talented, active, creative musicians in any country is a very important condition for the aesthetic formation of whole generations. I am sure that Natalia Rojcovscaia's activity is necessary for the development of both musical and general aesthetic culture. Her compositions are extraordinarily bright, polystylistic, possess simultaneously democratic music language and also satisfy the most demanding musical taste.

The ability to transfer her knowledge to children and young people is a very important quality of Natalia. Her creativity is at the highest level.

In her works Natalia uses polystylism and the a very important in the current conditions idea of a deep connection of music with aesthetics, literature and history. Her music is democratic in the highest sense of this concept.


Dr. Bruce Polay - Artistic Director/Conductor of the Knox-Galesburg Symphony, Professor of Music and Choir at Knox College

I appreciate having the opportunity to see Natalia Rojcovscaia's symphonic work "Enlightenment" that impressed me with its clear formal structure and intellectual prominence.

Natalia is, indeed, a very talented composer.


Evgeny Shcherbakov - Composer, Music Theorist and Teacher, Member of the Composers Union of the Russian Federation

Natalia Rojcovscaia possesses great composing technique and successfully uses polystylism, which allows her to feel free in a wide variety of genres of both academic and electronic music. She is an active participant in international festivals and a laureate of national and international competitions, including as a pianist and conductor.

Natalia Rojcovscaia is a brilliant and outstanding composer.


Gustav Hoyer - Composer, Conductor of the Orchestra Unleashed, Impresario, Member of the New Music USA

The work "Philosophy of Miracle" by Natalia Rojcovscaia has a powerful and dramatic presence. It is melodic and coherent without being predictable.

Natalia's excellent music enhanced the power and impact of our concert (the Orchestra Unleashed concert, “El Portal” Theatre, North Hollywood, LA, CA, USA).


Patricia Werner Leanse - Host of the RadioMonalisa/DeConcertzender

I am listening to Part 1 of your Sympho-Suite "Master and Margarita" while responding... immediately compelling and intriguing music and I would definitely like to this share with our listeners!


Dennis MaherMusic Director of the KMUD Redwood Community Radio

Bulgakov is truly one of my favorites, hence I am so excited by your compositions. I encourage you to send us your music for airplay.


Elena Uzun - Musicologist, Music Critic, Editor, Journalist, Poet, Writer, Member of the Union of Composers and Musicologists of Moldova

This is the second symphony concert of the XX Anniversary International Festival of New Music, surprising with its variance of styles. According to composition of Natalia Rojcovscaia, symphonic opus "Enlightenment", she deftly holds the orchestra, instrumentation, indicating a truly symphonic thinking with acute and dramatic collision. I’ve listened to Natalia, her works, for a long time in the Union of Composers and then it was clear that the young composer has verily orchestral thinking and symphonic approach.


Vlad Mircos - Musicologist, Composer, Member of the Union of Composers and Musicologists of Moldova

Your Symphonic Poem “Philosophy of Miracle” is perfect. You are very successfully combine the expressive means and compositional techniques, having fluently the harmonies and orchestral texture. In one word - your music is full of emotions and cannot leave anyone indifferent.




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We call for collaboration of soloists, conductors, chamber ensembles, symphony orchestras, Opera and Ballet Theaters, directors of the musical and drama theater, choreographers, music and concert organizations, recording studios, sound directors and engineers, musicologists, film directors for joint projects.

We will also be glad to meet a Talent Agency together with a team of creative like-minded personalities and partners who will be interested in the ideas and achievements of the composer Natalia Rojcovscaia.




Additional info

Now Natalia Rojcovscaia is preparing to release a new work. It is the Sympho-Suite "Master and Margarita" for two solo violins, piano, children's and youth choir, orchestra and actors based on the novel of the same name by M. Bulgakov.
The Ballet "Master and Margarita" will be performed on this composition.

Anyone who is interested in implementing this large, bright and extremely promising project, as well as for more information, contact us via e-mail: