Tom Febonio, composer


I was born in Salem, Massachusetts in 1950 and began my career in music at the age of sixteen playing the electric bass in a rock & roll band. This kept me occupied for about a decade, during which time I took up songwriting and recording, traditional music and jazz. As an adult I studied piano with Edith M. Mehaffey, and the viola, theory and conducting with Joseph A. Leary.
My compositions to date are mostly tonal and structured along classical or romantic lines, and include solo and chamber pieces for piano, guitar, mandolin, strings and winds. A number of these works are available from ALRY Publications, Edition Corvus, Forton Music, and VCello Music Publications.
Audio recordings include releases by Duo Ahlert & Schwab, Sherry Finzer & Darin Mahoney, Suzanne Williams, Jack Garvey, Eric Blackmer, Full Cold Moon, and Keltish.



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Four Ballads  

Blues for Matilda

String Quartet in Cm

Four Songs for guitar   

Five Pieces for violin and guitar

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Recent Works:

Water Ballads (for mandolin and guitar)

Blues for Matilda (flute, cello and guitar)

Mississippi (violin and guitar)

Alma (alto flute and guitar)

Three Idylls for piano

Quartet for oboe, clarinet, cello and piano

Three Romances (alto flute, viola, cello and guitar)

Americana (alto flute, clarinet, string trio, guitar and bass)

Three Songs for Early Autumn (violin, clarinet and guitar)

White Sky in November (alto flute, cello and piano)

Five Songs for two guitars in slack key tuning

Sketches from Derby Wharf (cello and guitar)