Tomas I. Gueglio Saccone - Composer


Tomás I. Gueglio-Saccone holds a Bachelors from the Facultad de Artes y Ciencias Musicales de la Universidad Católica Argentina, a Masters from the Setnor School of Music in Syracuse University, and a doctorate from the University of Chicago. His music has been performed across the Americas and Europe by renowned ensembles and soloists like eighth blackbird, JACK and Pacifica quartets, Ensemble Dal Niente, Latitude 49, Marco Fusi and Ben Melsky among others. Born in Buenos Aires, a major influence in his musical upbringing was Gerardo Gandini whose workshop he attended between 2003 and 2007. 

Describe your music

2016   Canción en Duermevela (for guitar quartet) 12'
2016   Decals II (string quartet) 6' 30''
2015   One Baroque (for guitar and harp) 6'
2014   Tres Decals (fl, perc, pno, harp, vln, vln, vla, vlc)  7' 30''
2013   Sextet II (cl, sop sax, perc, pno, vln, vlc) 7' 30''
2012   String Quartet 10' 30''
2011   Sur “Sur la flûte traversière” (fl, cl, perc, pno, vln, vcl)  (rev 2013) 7'
2009   Enfants de mon Silence ( for female voice and 8 instruments) 9' 30''
2008   …Pellicanz ( female voice, vln, pno) 8'

Works with actors / dancers
2016   On Love (two actors, soprano and ensemble) 17'
2014   Knowledgeable Viuda ( female actor, pierrot quintet and percussion) 13'
2013   Blank Mind (video dance by Omar Carrum)

Solo instrument
2016   Invention - An Ascent (for carillon) 5' 30''
2015   Nokia Etude #3 (piano and arduino based device) 7' 30''
2014   After L'Addio / Felt (harp) 8'
2013   Mil Panaderos (violin) 6'
2011   Sur la flûte traversière (flute) (rev 2012) 6'
2007   Bilis Negra (clarinet and live electronics) 5' 30''

2013   In The Sight (a dream of the 9th)