2023 Georgia Music Teachers Association (GMTA) Commissioned Composer Award

MTNA Commissioning Mission

MTNA is dedicated to encouraging the creation of new works by American composers and annually assists its affiliated state associations in the generation and performance of new music through the national composers commissioning program. A newly commissioned composition receives its premiere performance at the conference of the state MTA that commissions the work.

To further promote and recognize outstanding contributions to American music, MTNA annually has its state affiliates submit commissioned compositions to a panel of recognized composers for selection of the MTNA Distinguished Composer of the Year. The new work of the selected composer is presented in a performance at the MTNA national conference, and the composer is proclaimed the MTNA Distinguished Composer of the Year. The selected composer receives a $5,000 award.

Commissioned Composer Award/Prize Overview:

  • One cash award/commission fee of $1500 ($750 from MTNA, $750 from GMTA) will be awarded each year.
  • Commissioned composer must be present at the GMTA Conference premiere to receive award. A digital copy of the premiere performance will be presented to the commissioned composer. The commissioned composition, or any portions of the commissioned composition, cannot be premiered prior to this event.
  • Commissioned work (score and audio) will be submitted by GMTA for the MTNA Distinguished Composer of the Year Award.
  • Commissioned composer will be featured on the GMTA webpage.
  • Performers of commissioned work at the GMTA Conference premiere will receive a stipend directly from GMTA up to $100 each, to a maximum of $500. The commissioned composer can supplement this amount should they choose.

Commissioned Composer Chronological Timeline Overview:

  1. September 1: Applications Due
  2. October 15: Award Notification
  3. December 1: Award Announcement on GMTA Website
  4. June 1 (following year): Composition Completion Date, submitted to performers and GMTA Commissioning Chair
  5. Early November: GMTA Conference – Premiere performance and live recording, commission funds due
  6. December 1: Score and audio files submitted to MTNA for Distinguished Composer of the Year Award
  7. Late March (following Nov. premiere): MTNA National Conference performance (if selected)