Antigone Quartet Prize

The Antigone Quartet Prize is a new project created by the Antigone Quartet. The prize is a two part endeavor. First, the Antigone Quartet will choose a composer and a prompt for the basis of a new string quartet commission. The first composer to receive the AQP is Nicolas Bizub.

The second part of the project is a call for scores for composers of all ages and nationalities. The prize for our first call for scores will be $500 to a winner chosen by the Antigone Quartet and Nicolas Bizub. The call for scores will open soon. Entrants will be asked to submit their scores to a third party email along with a suggested anonymous donation of $10 to our ioby campaign to help fund the commissions. Entrants can donate more if they wish, or nothing at all. Because of the nature of this year’s prompt the Antigone Quartet encourages queer, trans, and genderqueer composer to apply, though all are welcome and will be judged the same.

rules and regulations

Our inaugural call for scores asks for composers to submit a work for string quartet that is about their own LGBTQ experiences. This work can be previously written or performed. Composers who are interested are also encouraged to write a piece based on Nicolas Bizub’s poem “Lavender Among Thorns.” Bizub’s own quartet will be based on this poem. Composers are free to interpret this poem as they wish, so long it serves as the basis for this composition in some way. Scores should be no shorter than 5 minutes, but can be longer.

To enter the call for scores, composers must email [email protected] with their score and are asked to provide a $10 suggested donation to our crowdfunding campaign at This donation is not mandatory to enter the call for scores. This email is not administrated by a member of the quartet and once scores are submitted they will be placed into a drive inaccessible to the members of the quartet until the selection process begins.

Scores can be submitted with an accompanying recording, but don’t have to be. They should bear no sign of a composer’s name and should be in a PDF format. The scores will be judged by the members of the Antigone String Quartet and our inaugural composer.

The winning work will be performed twice at ARCO Cincinnati on June 23 and 25. One concert will be ticketed, with priority given to donors, the other concert will be a free concert aimed at bringing in members of the community. The composer is not required to attend, although a travel stipend may become available.

The call now is open and will run through 2/28/23!