Summer 2020

This will be our 9th summer at Arts Letters & Numbers and it is a great joy to announce Summer 2020. This summer we will have multiple programs, each with their own unique character, time frame and structure with lots of opportunities for collaboration. Running in parallel and close proximity, the programs offer space for people to pursue their questions in conversation with others and create emergent works within a creative community. Our Summer 2020 programs have been organized in continuity with our year-round programming, affording people the opportunity to continue their work beyond the summer season.

Thought-out the entire summer we have a wide range of visiting artists in residence, bringing a diverse spectrum of disciplines, ways of knowing, and cultural backgrounds to the community.

From its founding, Arts Letters & Numbers has been built by everyone who enters the conversation. An essential element of all the programs at ALN, is people coming together, whether it’s during the weekly dinners, sharing of works, concerts, exhibitions, or community events.


See links for full registration, tuition, and programming details!

Residency Program | June 1st – August 24th

Thesis | July 5th – August 2nd

Writers in Residence | July 12th – July 17th

Music in Residence | July 18th – August 2nd

Food Studio | August 8th – August 23rd

3rd-Thursday | June 18th, July 16th, August 20th


For more information about Arts Letters & Numbers’ Summer Programs, click here.