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Do you need to get ready for upcoming applications? Or update your outdated website or portfolio?

Coach and composer Sakari Dixon Vanderveer presents a no-cost, online Biography Writing Workshop for composers who are looking to better prepare themselves for new opportunities.

The Biography Writing Workshop for Composers is perfect for those who wish to:

  • receive feedback on their writing in a structured, supportive manner,
  • gain clarity on ways to communicate about their work as an artist, and
  • connect with other composers in the music community.

There are no acceptance applications, and there is no need to have a completed or up-to-date biography prior to the event.

If you can’t attend, that’s okay!

Recordings of the workshop will be available for up to 72 hours after the end of the program, but only for those who register in advance.

Space is limited, so claim your spot today! Take a minute to register here: