Call for Scores!

This year, Black Dot Press presents its first-ever Call for Scores initiative.

The call seeks to identify and publish scores that represent challenging, interesting, relevant and thought-provoking music.

Composition Criteria

  • Pieces can be for any instrument combination
  • No more than 10 instruments (orchestral or concerto works will, unfortunately, not be accepted)
  • Should be no longer than 50 pages (full score)
  • Pieces must have already been performed
  • Please note that composers may submit only one (preferably their best) work.

Composer Criteria

  • Composers must be over 18
  • Composers may come from any country, race, creed or background


At the end of the Call, Black Dot Press will announce not one, not two, but twenty-six (26) winners whom will all receive:

  • an Associated Composer publishing agreement with Black Dot Press for the submitted work;
  • a professional-grade engraving of their work, courtesy of Black Dot Press;
  • a hard-copy full score of the published work; and
  • a signed certificate from the call for scores jury.

In addition to this, all entering participants shall be listed onto the Black Dot Press Member’s group, where:

  • discussions regarding new music, composers and pieces are held;
  • jobs and other employment positions are listed; and
  • discounts on the Black Dot Press store are available.

Entry Fee / Requirements

There is NO entry fee for this call for scores.

Composers need to do the following to be considered for this call for scores:

  • Complete the Online Application Form, complete with:
    • Piece information
    • Full Score (.pdf)
    • Recording (.mp3). Please note that MIDI/Sample recordings will not be accepted.
    • Contact Details
  • Support Black Dot Press in one of any of the following ways:
    • Liking one of our platforms on social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) (Free), as well as sharing this call for scores page on said social media site.
    • Purchasing one of our scores from the Black Dot Press Shop (scores available from as little as £1)
    • Donating to Black Dot Press (any amount)

Deadline:1st December 2020