Calling All Creators!

In partnership with Boulanger Initiative and Access Contemporary Music, CMA is looking for composers (of any age or nationality) who are interested in participating in a live workshopping event on January 19, during CMA’s national conference. During this interactive session, three composers will test ideas and hear their not-yet-finished pieces workshopped in real time by the esteemed Attacca Quartet, who will offer feedback and ideas for play.

ACM’s Concept Lab is a safe space for music creators to take artistic risks that may lead in exciting and new directions. We’re looking for composers willing to “fail productively,” even in front of a live audience—musical peers who will witness the creative process at work.

Interested composers must submit a representative score and a short cover letter (one to two paragraphs) that expresses and explains their interest in this project. Selected composers will write three minutes of new musical material for the workshop. Finished pieces will not be accepted. Deadline for submission: December 4.

The three participating composers (selected by a panel including Boulanger Initiative and Attacca Quartet members) will receive full CMA Conference registration, travel/accommodation as needed, and a $500 honorarium. Following the CMA Conference workshop, gender-marginalized composers may be invited to premiere their to-be-finished pieces during Boulanger Initiative’s annual WoCo Fest, held in April. Selected composers will be contacted by December 18.