Composers Guild of New Jersey Commissioning Opportunities

To foster the composition of new concert music by New Jersey composers.

Any composer who currently lives and/or works and/or studies in New Jersey. There are no other demographic restrictions or preferences. Composers may be in any stage of their careers. Composers with non-standard career paths are particularly encouraged to apply.

Grants to New Jersey composers for the creation of a new work of concert music and its performance in New Jersey. The size of the grant depends on the scope of the work. See below for some representative examples. Composers are expected to complete the work within a year with a performance scheduled within six months of completion. Special consideration will be given to projects with the potential to have a significant impact on the applicant’s compositional career.

Application Procedure
Composers should send CGNJ an email with:

  1. (PDF) Project proposal for the composition of a new work, including a description, instrumentation, projected duration, and budget. Should include a pledge to complete the work within a year of receiving the commission. May also include a statement of the anticipated impact on the applicant’s compositional career.

  2. (PDF) Letter of intent by a performer or performance group to perform the new work at a venue in New Jersey. While the performer(s) need not be New Jersey-based, preference will be given to those who are.

  3. (PDF) Composer profile: brief biography, including how the composer meets the eligibility criteria (lives and/or works and/or studies in the State of New Jersey); résumé of musical activity; catalog of compositions.

  4. (PDF) Score of recent representative work.

  5. (MP3) Recording (may be synthesized) of the recent representative work.