Composers Guild of New Jersey Project Support

To help realize performances or recordings of concert music by New Jersey composers.

Any composer who currently lives and/or works and/or studies in New Jersey. There are no other demographic restrictions or preferences. Composers may be in any stage of their careers. Composers with non-standard career paths are particularly encouraged to apply.

Grants to New Jersey composers to help defray the cost of a performance or recording project significant to their compositional career. See below for some representative examples. Since this program is aimed at providing the last piece of funding for a project, composers should apply only when all of the other funding has been secured.

Application Procedure
Composers should send CGNJ an email with:

  1. (PDF) Project proposal with all particulars including budget, schedule, list of all other funding sources with amounts and conditions, and a statement of the anticipated impact on the applicant’s compositional career.

  2. (PDF) Composer profile: brief biography, including how the composer meets the eligibility criteria (currently lives and/or works and/or studies in the State of New Jersey); résumé of musical activity; catalog of compositions.

  3. (PDF) Letters of commitment from all other project participants, including funding sources. While participants need not be New Jersey-based, preference may be given to projects with those who are.

  4. Any other supportive material the composer deems helpful.