We are delighted to announce an 8-month long composition mentorship program led by David Moliner, renowned composer and international percussion soloist. It is meant to address advanced student composers as well as emerging composers who want to work actively on the percussion world to enhance their technical skills. As a final part of the learning process, the composers will write a work that David Moliner will premiere at the Elbphilharmonie in December 2026.

The objective of this mentorship program is to study the notation processes of multipercussion, with the desire to launch prospective composers creating solid percussion repertoire pieces. Specifically, as a final part of the program, mentored composers will create a piece of possible instrumentation: marimba, bongos, 2 tom toms and temple blocks. The source of inspiration will be the music of Iannis Xenakis percussion.

After the premiere in January 2026 at Elbphilharmonie, a maximum of 3 composers will be selected, who will each receive a commission (worth 3000 euros). The work will premiere in the 2026-27 season in Carnegie Hall (The exact date will be announced in advance).

Applicants may be of any age or nationality. 9 advanced student composers will be selected. These composers will be tutored by David Moliner in monthly individual-collective online meetings. One collective meeting will take place at the Musikverein offices in Vienna. This encounter will offer plenty of opportunities for professional networking and establishing meaningful international and professional friendships. The 9 selected composers will also have the opportunity to publish the works in Universal Edition (2 of them for free).

The duration of this Mentoring Program is 10 months long from October 2024 to August 2025. It will consist of a series of 8 Zoom/ Skype individual / collective meetings.

The concert date at Elbphilharmonie will be announced in advance. After the concert, David Moliner will select a maximum of 3 composers who will be commissioned to create a work for solo marimba (each composer will receive 3000 euros), which will premiere in 2026-2027 season at the Carnegie Hall New York.

Languages: English / German / Spanish / French

31 August 2024: End of submission period

15 September 2024: Results

20 September 2024: Deadline for committing to the program

1 October 2024: Mentoring Program Start

The price of the composition session is 375 euros per session. (1 x 8 session). Total cost: 3000 euros. (375×8). The cost of the program is paid in fragments just after each session.

The sessions are 3 collective, 5 individual. The 3 collective sessions last 4 hours each and are focused on learning and tips on notation for multi percussion, as well as works by Xenakis and his notation handicaps among other topics. The 5 individual sessions last 1 hour each and are focused on the individual aspects of notation of each composer, as well as experimenting with new sounds, according to the aesthetic needs of each composer.

Travel to Hamburg and Vienna is not required. The meeting at Musikverein can take place online, if necessary. It is not mandatory to attend the premiere at the Elbphilharmonie, although it is recommended.

This program accepts aid, as long as they have been admitted to the program by David Moliner, through letters of recommendation to embassies and foundations. The process of contacting these embassies and foundations must, however, be carried out by admitted students.

Details are available at web pages:

Send documents to: mentoringprogram.moliner@gmail.com