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Young Artist Summer Program: Over 100 musicians from 16 different countries || Saturday, July 11–Saturday, August 1, 2020

Challenge yourself to grow in an intensive conservatory environment. The three-week course features personalized attention from celebrated faculty, many of whom are Curtis alumni with thriving pedagogical or performance careers. A comprehensive musical schedule includes private lessons, diverse ensembles, opportunities to perform, and more.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 Young Artist Summer Program will take place online during the designated festival dates.

Tuition is now $2,250. There is, of course, no housing and dining fee.

Musicians aged 13 to 22 who have studied privately at the advanced level are encouraged to apply. Applications for the online program will be accepted on a rolling basis while positions are available. The final deadline is June 15 at noon ET, but positions may fill before then.

Students who were confirmed to attend the 2020 program were contacted via email and may choose to either participate in this virtual program or decline.

What will the online curriculum look like for students?

Rather than the highly structured, immersive schedule of the in-person program, the online curriculum aims for maximum flexibility, allowing students to participate from home in whatever way they can. We anticipate using Canvas, the same online learning platform that Curtis Institute of Music students are using in the spring semester. It allows students to access recorded and written content at their own pace, and in different time zones, while also scheduling live events in a calendar.

For a detailed look at the new YASP Curriculum, FAQs about online study, and more about the program click here!

For the Composition Student Schedule, click here!

  • Composition participants will receive five lessons during the program.—In the first and second weeks, participants will attend a total of four hour-long lessons in pairs in order to gain the additional perspective from observing a deep conversation of a peer’s work. Time in each lesson will be split equally and both participants will receive feedback on their compositions.—In the third week, each of the composition participants will have the opportunity to meet privately with the chair of Curtis’s composition department and YASP artistic director, David Serkin Ludwig, for a 45-minute lesson.
  • Daily seminar class featuring discussions about the past and future of composition; advice from performers about how to write for their instruments; and conversations about commissions, competitions, publishing, and other issues composers face today.
  • Orchestral score study
  • A performance and recording of one of your works by Curtis musicians–unique to this program. The chamber work performed by the Curtis Summerfest faculty is written by composition participants before the start of the program. Accepted composition participants are sent specific options for instrumentation. Composers submit scores one to two weeks in advance of arrival. This chamber work will be performed by Summerfest faculty during the composition recitals in the second and third week of the program. Additional short works written during the program may be seen by composition faculty during lessons and the daily seminar, and may be workshopped by peers.

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