Call for Papers

The International Ekmelic Music Society in Salzburg, Austria is pleased to announce a Call for Papers for the online Symposium “Mikrotöne: Small is beautiful 2021”. We invite the submission of abstracts of up to 300 words. Papers may address the music of any period, concerning ekmelic issues such as tuning systems, microtonality and scale systems. They can be 30 minutes (20 min. + 10 min. discussion) or 45 minutes (35 min. + 10 min. discussion) in length.

The official language is English but we could provide translation from German, Spanish or Italian. Presentations can be published in “Mikrotöne: Small is Beautiful – Vol. V” with Mackinger Verlag in Austria. Due to the pandemic, all papers will be presented online and we will not be hosting concerts.

There are no registration fees.


Please, send your abstract (in English or in German) to infoekmelic-musicorg.



Agustín Castilla-Ávila castillaavilahotmailcom