Ise-Shima International Popular Music Composition Competition


Our mission is to promote composers’ activities and to give a chance for them through our competition. This competition is for all types of popular music listed on the link:

As for classical or classical modern music composition, please try our “Ise-Shima International Composition Competition”:

Our competition certificates will be printed on “IseWashi” paper made by Taihou Wasi Kougyou K.K. IseWashi has been made in Ise since the early Meiji period for distribution of Ise Jingu’s paper amulets to all over Japan. Ise Jingu is the most important Shinto shrine which has been worshipped as the Home of Heart. Taihou Wasi Kougyou K.K. was founded in 1899 (Meiji 32). Since then, the company has been making pure and noble washi (Japanese paper) for Ise Jingu.

From the winners of 2022 music competitions, we will award the “Ise-Shima Music Award”. The winner will receive Ise traditional Ittobori trophy by an artisan Yui. Ittobori is a type of carving developed in Ise, Japan. The carving technique was originated by Ise Jingu carpenters, who used wood wastes to make charms for fun. Ittobori literary means “one-knife carving.” However, the intention behind its name is that a single, bold stroke of knife would make the final edge, creating a sense of wildness in its design. Ittobori is mostly made of camphorwood, popular for its scent and warmth.


• Our competition is open to all nationalities.

• No age limit.

Application Process

Competitor Online Application – AVAILABLE October 10, 2021

• DEADLINE: August 1, 2022 (23:59 JP time)

• Full score (pdf format) and/or recording composed solely by an applicant must be submitted via application form (

• Application Fee – A non-refundable payment of 3,000 Yen (approximately $30 US Dollars) can be paid via following page after fulfilling the form (credit card or paypal):

• The score has to be sent from the form.

• All important messages will be sent by info at Confirm the e-mail setting to receive the messages from this e-mail address.

• Depending on a situation, we may ask winners to send us a copy of ID.

• Full name of applicants must be written correctly on the application form because the name will be used on a certificate. Teacher names and parent names, relative names etc. must not be written on the application form.

General Rule

• Style and duration of a submitted work are freely chosen by an applicant.

• The score, in pdf format, must contain full name of the composer on the first page.

• The submitted work may be already performed or awarded.

• Composers may submit more than one work, but must complete a separate entry form and fee for each.

• A recording of the submitted work (possibly movie recording or audio recording) must be submitted by links in Soundcloud / Youtube / Youku / Vimeo. At least, please upload the recording on one of these websites.

• The submitted work must be composed solely by the applicant.

• The applicant may submit the score and/or the recording of the work.


• Ise-Shima Art Foundation Competition Top 36 prize winners would be selected.

• Grand Prix – 100,000 Yen (approximately $1,000), certificate • 35 (at maximum) special prizes – certificates The printed certificate might be sent electronically (pdf) because international postal services do not work depending on COVID situation. The prize money will be paid through paypal.

Competition Rules and Regulations

• The judging panel for our competition is selected solely by Ise-Shima Art Committee and the decisions are final.

• Application of the Competition constitutes acceptance by the contestant of all published rules, regulations and procedures.

• Ise-Shima Art Committee reserves the right, in conjunction with the Competition judge, not to award the prizes, to change the regulation, or to reduce or split the prize money if, in opinion by the judge, such action is justified for any reason.

• The prize money is generated entirely through entry fees and may be reduced if an insufficient number of entries is received.

• Competition prize winners will be notified by email on 31st August 2022.

• Result will be published on our website:

• Contact email: info[at]