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The Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts awards up to seventy juried residencies per year to established and emerging visual artists, writers, composers, and interdisciplinary artists from across the country and around the world. Residencies are available for 2 to 8 weeks stays. Each resident receives a $100 stipend per week, free housing, and a private studio.

deadlines and session dates

Application deadlines are MARCH 1 and SEPTEMBER 1 annually*.

*If March or September 1st is a Sunday, then the deadline will conclude on Monday the 2nd.

  • The March 1 deadline determines awards scheduled July – December of the same calendar year.
  • The September 1 deadline determines awards scheduled January – June of the following calendar year.

Upcoming Session Dates:

  • 2021 Session 1: January 4 — June 18, 2021 (application deadline September 1, 2020)
  • 2021 Session 2: July 5 — December 17, 2021 (application will open September 2020)

When you indicate preferred dates in your application, be sure they fall within the session for which you are applying. If your schedule is flexible, you may note such in lieu of or in addition to exact dates in the application form. Be sure that your preferred arrival date is a Monday and your departure date, a Friday, as weekends between residents are used for cleaning and laundering of linens.


Each item will be presented as a separate form within our online application portal. Before submitting your application, download the WORK SAMPLES guidelines specific to your discipline and follow the directions to help prepare files (file links located bottom of page). Application sections include:

  1. General Application Information including your preferred dates and length of residency.
  2. Statements: A statement of submitted works that clarifies your work and/or its relevance within contemporary or historical art/craft practices, contemporary society/issues, or a declared dialogue set forth within the statement; and a statement of intent regarding how you intend to utilize your time at KHN and why a residency at KHN is important to you at this point in your career (1500 characters, approximately 250 words each). Please note: KHN utilizes a blind jury process. Submitted statements MUST be ANONYMOUS. Do NOT include your NAME, CREDITS, AWARDS, UNIVERSITIES, EMPLOYERS, COLLABORATORS, COMMISSIONING OR PUBLISHING AGENTS, or GALLERY or VENUE NAMES within your statements.
  3. References: Contact information for two professional references that are familiar with your work and your potential to be a positive member of our small community of residents.
  4. Professional History from your current resume or CV. Your name MAY appear in the contents of this information.
  5. Work Samples for your specific discipline. See the guidelines for your discipline below to help you prepare your materials. Work Samples MUST be ANONYMOUS. Do NOT include your NAME, CREDITS, AWARDS, UNIVERSITIES, EMPLOYERS, COLLABORATORS, COMMISSIONING OR PUBLISHING AGENTS, or GALLERY or VENUE NAMES within any work samples or sample descriptions.
  6. Application Fee of $35 paid via credit card through the online portal. The fee includes our base fee plus an additional fee for media upload. All fees MUST be paid through the online portal. We are not able to waive the application fee.

Work Samples: Click to download PDF of specific guidelines for your discipline.

application fee

Applications for KHN residencies must be submitted through our online application process. A $35 application fee applies and is collected through the application portal. Applications received via USPS mail or email will not be considered and exceptions will not be made. We are not able to waive the application fee for any reason.

for complete details, visit the official Khn website