Call for Songwriters: MPLS (imPulse) 2020-2021 Songbook

Background: MPLS (imPulse) is inspired by the power of community singing in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The MPLS (imPulse) 2020 Songbook began as a pilot project in November 2020. Three songwriters were commissioned to write a song inspired by their personal experiences during this time in which we are living. Following their premiere on YouTube Live, each piece was professionally engraved and published via a Creative Commons license for non commercial use by the general public.

Call: MPLS (imPulse) seeks to commission three songwriters with an interest in contributing to the MPLS (imPulse) 2020-2021 Songbook. Formal training in music or music engraving is not required. To apply, please submit a brief statement of interest (no more than 500 words) and at least one (but up to five) examples of work demonstrating your skill as a songwriter.

Commission Details: Commissioning Fee: $500. If commissioned, songwriters will submit a newly composed song that is 2-4 minutes in length. The song should be simple in design so that it can be easily taught to and performed by the general public. Rounds and part songs are an acceptable form of submission, and optional harmony and/or instruments are encouraged but not required.

Please send submissions to: no later than January 22, 2021