I. General Provisions

Mayflower Art Center, established in 2017, is an institution dedicated to music education and performance operations. In 2022, on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of Mayflower Art Center’s establishment, the first international composition competition musiCON was held. The award-winning works were performed at the National Opera Center, one of the most important music institutions in the United States. To encourage more young composers to engage in contemporary music creation, the second musiCON International Composition Competition is on the way.

II. Organization

Host: Mayflower Art Center
Organizer: Mayflower Art Center
Jury: Ms. Wang Lu, Associate Professor of Brown University, and Mr. Felipe Lara, Associate Professor and Chair of Composition – Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University

III. Competition Requirements

1. The competition is open to participants under 30 years old(Date of birth is after April 1, 1994.)regardless of nationality.
2. The submission must be composed for 2-6 performers using a mixture of the following designated instruments:
① 2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello, 1 flute/piccolo/alto flute, 1 clarinet/bass clarinet, 1 piano (no prepared piano), 1 oboe, 1 harp, 1 guitar, 1 percussion (Snare drums/ Triangles/ Tambourines/ Marimba/ Vibraphone/ Cymbals).
② It is important to note that pre-recorded music or electronic music compositions will not be accepted.
3. The duration of the music should be 5-8 minutes and be marked clearly on the cover page of the score.
4. The compositions submitted for this competition should be of the original music work composed by each participant him/herself after 2021, that has not been professionally performed, published or awarded. Each participant is limited to submit one work, with a clean and clear score of his/her composition anonymously. Explanations are necessary for special requirements on performing techniques or forms. If any sign or mark made on the score that has no relation to the work itself, the participant would be disqualified immediately.
5. Registration fee is $25 USD. PayPal to 2019mayflowerartcenter@gmail.com. When making payment, please note ① participant’s name ② title of the submitted work ③ participant’s email address. If the $25 application fee poses a financial barrier to applying, applicants may request a fee waiver by sending an email to composer@mayflowerartcenter.org explaining their financial situation.
6. Required application materials (must be in electronic form) includes:
I. One clean and clear score by the participant (PDF only) II.One recent photo of the participant III.One valide ID or passport (the page contains a photo and the exact date of birth of participant) IV.Screenshot of receipt of the registration fee. All the required materials must be emailed to the organizing committee (composer@mayflowerartcenter.org)
7. before the deadline: 12:00pm on August 15, 2024, Eastern Time US.
8. Participants who do not meet the above competition terms will be disqualified. The application materials will be kept on file by the organizer and will not be returned.
9. For inquiries, please contact the organizing committee by email: office@mayflowerartcenter.org

IV. Selection Method

1. To ensure fairness and impartiality of the competition, the works will be anonymously evaluated with unified numbering.
2. The Jury will select four winning works through score reading.
3. Awards and Prizes:
For participants aged 18 and above: One champion with a prize of $2000, and two honorable mentions with a prize of $500 each.
For participants under 18 (inclusive): One champion with a prize of $1000.
(The above prizes are tax-inclusive)
Winners will also receive videos of their works’ performances and certificates.

V. Concert Arrangements

The winning works will be performed at the musiCON Concert in 2024.
Performance dates: October 25-26, 2024
Venue: National Opera Center, New York, USA
Performing Orchestra: musiCON Chamber Symphony Orchestra

Winning composers are not required to travel to attend the performance.

VI. Announcement of Results

The results of the 2nd Mayflower Art Center musiCON International Composition Competition will be announced on September 10 , 2024, on the Mayflower Art Center WeChat official account musiCON声先, and the official website (https://mayflowerartcenter.org/).

The works of the four selected winners will be premiered at the National Opera Center by Mayflower Art Center. Mayflower Art Center will introduce, promote, and publicize the winning composers and their works.

VII. Others

1. Related Rights:
1) Winners have the copyright to their works.
2) Winners must agree to provide the following rights to the organizer free of charge:
a. The organizer has the right to use the scores of the winning works and any form of audio-visual products for non-commercial purposes.
b. The organizer has the premiere right of the winning works.
3) Regardless of where the winning works are performed in the future, the cover of the score or the program of the concert must indicate the winning information of this competition, for example:
“This work won the first prize in the 2024 2nd musiCON international Composition Competition.”
2. The jury’s evaluation of the competition is the final decision.
3. The interpretation of this chapter is vested in the organizing committee.