National Band Association 2022 46th Annual NBA/William D. Revelli Memorial Composition Contest

WHO MAY ENTER: This contest is open to anyone regardless of age, color, national origin, or religious belief.

REQUIREMENTS: A work for Concert Band/Wind Ensemble. Recommendations as to style, form, length, and
instrumentation are outlined in the contest rules.

ENTRY MATERIALS: A pdf of the full score plus a digital audio recording of a live performance or recording session must be sent to the chair.

AWARD: $5,000

ENTRY DEADLINE: November 1, 2022

FOR INFORMATION: Dr. Matthew McCutchen (e-mail: [email protected])

1. This contest is open to anyone regardless of age, color, national origin, or religious belief.

2. The composer’s name MAY NOT appear on the score or digital audio file. Any entry received with the composer’s name on the score or recording will no t be accepted for consideration. The completed entry form should be submitted electronically along with the other materials. Please note that since email contains identifying information, the composer’s name will likely be known by the committee chair. This information will not be shared with the rest of the committee members.

3. Each composer may enter only one piece per year.

4. Entry must be the original concert band/wind ensemble work of the composer that has been composed since January 1, 2020.

5. In an effort to make the winning piece accessible to more of the NBA’s membership, this contest aims to identify repertoire that has the opportunity to enter the core repertoire for fine high school and collegiate bands.

A) Entries should be no longer than 20 minutes in length.
B) Instrumentation should be that which would reasonably be expected to be accessible to strong high school and collegiate bands.
C) Concerti will not be considered.

6. Entries must be submitted with a pdf copy of the full score and an mp3 or other electronic file copy of a live performance or recording session. Electronically synthesized recordings (midi files, etc) will not be accepted for consideration. The winning composer will be required to submit a hard copy of the score for archival purposes.

7. Entries must be received by November 1, 2022. The final decision is expected to be made prior to December 31, 2022.

8. The decision of the contest committee will be final and no correspondence may be entered into regarding the award. Should the committee consider none of the submitted compositions to be meritorious, a “no prize” decision will be rendered.

9. The winning composer will receive a $5,000 cash award. In the event of a tie, the cash prize will be split in half.

10. All performance, copyright, and royalty rights remain with the composer.

11. The winner will be announced at the NBA General Membership Meeting at The Midwest Clinic in Chicago in late December and subsequently posted on the NBA website. An article announcing the winning composition will appear in the National Band Association’s NBA Journal.

12. If there is a primary sponsor of the contest, the winning composer will be asked to include the following statement on the title page and in promotional materials: “TITLE – Winner of the 20xx NBA/William D. Revelli Composition Contest.”

13. Materials will not be returned.

14. Composers should send their entries and direct inquiries to the chair of the committee: Matthew McCutchen.