New Mexico State University Young Composer Initiative Application

The Young Composer Initiative encourages all interested composers up to the age of 30 years old by the time of the submission deadline to enter their composition for consideration. The composition should be no longer than 15 minutes in length and should engage 6 – 48 players utilizing in part or whole, the following instrumentation:

– Flutes (Up to 5 players: Option to use 1 piccolo and/or 1 Alto Flute as part of the 5)
– Oboe (Up to 2 players: recommended to provide optional cues for any solo parts)
– Bassoon (Up to 2 players: recommended to provide optional cues for any solo parts)
– Clarinets (Up to 8 players: Option to use 1 E-flat Soprano, and/or 1 B-flat Bass Clarinet as part of the 8)
– Saxophones (Up to 5 players: SAATB, SATB, or AATB)
– Trumpets (Up to 6 players)
– Horns (Up to 4 Players)
– Trombones (Up to 4 Players including 1 Bass Trombone)
– Euphonium (Up to 2 Players)
– Tuba (Up to 2 Players)
– String Bass (1)
– Piano (recommended to be an optional addition)
– Percussion (Up to 6 Players)
– Timpani
– Snare
– Bass Drum
– Cymbals
– Marimba
– Xylophone
– Glockenspiel
– Vibraphone
– Crotales
– Auxiliary (Standard)
– Applicants may ask for other available instruments

Submission of a full score (.PDF format) with audio recording or MIDI/Computer realization should be submitted by September 15, 2022 for full consideration. The composer may be asked for a full set of parts if their piece is selected as a finalist. Materials should be able to be downloaded and printed. Composers retain the rights to their materials, but once submitted, if selected as a winner, the composer grants permission for their piece to be performed as part of the NMSU Young Composer Initiative.

A jury panel will evaluate each submitted composition. All compositions will be presented anonymously to the jury.


– Each applicant may submit only one work for consideration
– Compositions must fulfill the guidelines as listed above
– Compositions must be wholly original, unperformed, unpublished pieces written within 18 months of September
15, 2022
– Compositions requiring amplification, electronics, tape, computer, or CD are not eligible

Applicants should submit their materials to [email protected].


– One or more winners will be announced by October 1, 2022
– Travel and Lodging to Las Cruces, NM for the Dress Rehearsal/Concert Performance will be provided
– $500.00 Honorarium
– Professional Recording of the Performance
– Recognition in the Concert Program