Oriens Composition Competition 2024

Mission statement:
Encouraging composers worldwide to infuse their creations with the rich tapestry of Asian cultural elements, our competition celebrates diversity, innovation, and artistic fusion in the chamber music genre.

Age groups: 

  1. Under 18
  2. Ages 18 to 25


  1. Original work with Asian elements
  2. Arrangement using existing Asian melodies

Piano trio (piano, violin, and cello) or String Quartet (violins, viola, and cello)

Submission deadline: September 1, 2024

Award announced: October 1, 2024


  1. $600 cash award for winner per category of ages 18-25; $400 for winner per category under 18.
  2. Trio Oriens will premiere the winning compositions in Houston in Fall 2024~Spring 2025. (Composers are not required to attend the performance.)
  3. Trio Oriens will publish a purchasing link for all these award-winning pieces. (Trio Oriens will only publicize purchasing links provided by the composers, and will not financially benefit from purchases.)

Consent Rights: 

  1. Composers hold the copyright of their compositions.
  2. Consent of use for names, photos, bios, and composition contents of participating composers are required for competition process.
  3. Award-winning compositions must include the acknowledgement of winning the Oriens Composition Competition 2024 when printed and performed. For example:
    This work has won the 1st Prize at the Oriens Composition Competition in 2024.
  4. Trio Oriens has the right to use the award-winning composition or the audio-visual products for non-commercial purposes.

Submission guideline: 

  1. Please submit a clear pdf file of your original composition or arrangement with performing time 6 to 10 minutes. Please do not put your name or identity on your composition.  We will number the works for the judge to review to keep the fairness of the judging process.
    • Submitted works may be previously performed, but may not have been previously awarded.
  2. Submit a mp3 of the live performance (preferred) or midi of your composition
  3. Your portrait photo in color, contact information, a digital copy of an ID or passport with your date of birth.
  4. Biography (300 words max in English)
  5. A short description about the Asian elements in your composition in English (200 words max in English)
  6. Submission fee: $25 USD with credit card (Composers with financial need can contact us at triooriens@gmail.com with more detail to waive the registration fee. If the applicant is a dependent in the US, the parents can provide their 2023 tax return form.)

Click here to begin submitting your composition

Competition Chair: Professor Shih-Hui Chen