A.Peri-C.Merulo Conservatory in Reggio Emilia organizes an international composition masterclass held by Pierluigi Billone, one of the most significant authors in the contemporary musical creation panorama.

The masterclass, intended for composer students of all ages and nationalities, is scheduled along four days of work and includes two individual composition lessons for each effective participant, a public lecture given by Pierluigi Billone and a day of reading session by Icarus vs Muzak Ensemble. The session will be dedicated to the scores (fragments or complete pieces) of the selected composers.

Finally, a concert dedicated to the new creations of the Masterclass effective students will be organized in the first months of 2025 and which will be held by the Ensemble Icarus vs. Muzak. (Composers are not required to travel to attend this concert.)


Participation FEE: € 280

The registration fee includes 2 individual composition lessons with Pierluigi Billone each lasting 60 minutes and a day of reading session with Icarus vs Muzak Ensemble.

The participation fee does not include food or lodging. The institution can provide a letter of invitation for students who require a visa.

Two (2) places as effective students will be reserved for students of the composition class of Reggio Emilia Conservatory.

For submission you should fill in the following form with all the required data including a permanent link (Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, etc) to the following files:

1. link to at least two scores for different instrumentation (solo, chamber ensemble, big ensemble) in pdf format uploaded online;

2. link to the recordings of the scores (NOT mandatory)

3. artistic and academic curriculum vitae

Deadline: 4 AUGUST 2024 (CET 11.59 pm)

The selection, personally supervised by the guest teacher, will take place by 15 AUGUST 2024.

All participants will be notified of the results by e-mail and at the same time will receive information for the payment of the registration fees which, under penalty of loss of place, will be completed by 8 days from confirmation. Each candidate can choose to register as an effective student and, in case of non-selection, can consequently communicate the decision to participate as an auditor.

To participate as an auditor, an application for participation to the email address should be submitted:

by the day before the start of the activity in which you want to participate. A communication will follow, depending on the availability of places (due to limited access for the pandemic situation) and for the payment of the relative participation fee.


One day of the masterclass will be dedicated to a reading session held by Ensemble Icarus vs Muzak. The session is reserved for effective students, but open to all participants of the masterclass.

Following the selection, each effective student will plan with the ensemble a piece with an organic from 1 to 8 instruments (a choice of flute, clarinet, piano, violin, cello, harp, guitar, percussion – with or without conductor) to work on.

The reading session is intended as a moment of confrontation between the ensemble, the teacher and the composer interested in developing some specific ideas about a particular piece or instrument. In this sense, the composer can also choose to work individually with only one instrumentalist of the ensemble or instead request a full reading of the piece, where possible.

Each student will be guaranteed 40 minutes of time.

The entire reading session will be video recorded and the material will then be made available to students for educational purposes at the end of the masterclass.