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The Associació Cultural Rodamúsic, with the collaboration of Potries Council, the contemporary music festival Mostra Sonora de Sueca and the support of Institut Valencià de Cultura and Monestir de la Valldigna, launch the Composer Residency Program Rodamúsic – 1st Edition 2021 that will take place during April 2021 in Potries (Valencia, Spain).


The active cultural scene scheduled in Potries, preceding its appointment as the first rural town recognized as Valencian Cultural Capital in 2018, culminates every summer with the festival Potries Music Fest (, an event that brings together more than 10 performances in four days, and which includes local, national and international artists from various disciplines and styles.

Along with this, the Chamber Music series, the opera from El Palau de les Arts, among other activities, are part of the extensive and growing cultural offer that Potries hosts.


This program will consist of a one-week creative residency for a composer in Potries (Valencia, Spain), where the selected person will write a work, ideally, based upon, or inspired by, some elements of the village, region, or natural environment that surrounds it.

The piece should be between 7 and 14 minutes, and it will be performed as a pre-premiere (‘workshop performance’) at the Mostra Sonora de Sueca and the Concert Series of the Monastir de Simat de la Valldigna during the month of June 2021, and officially premiered at the Potries Music Fest in August 2021. It will be performed by the musicians for whom the composer will write the work, and with whom a collaborative work process will be created.

This process will consist of two workshops that will take place during the artistic residency in Potries, in which the artist will be able to work directly with the musicians, and will also be given a mentorship with a renowned composer.

Through this collaboration with the performers, the composer will be able to develop their knowledge of the instruments which they will be writing for: their acoustic, notation, sound possibilities, techniques, etc.

During these days they will have access to museums, emblematic buildings, routes and other options to discover and explore the town and its surroundings.


The selected composer will stay at La Cambra Casa Rural, a space with all the ideal conditions to work and enjoy the experience and the process in the best possible way.

Performers and Tutor

The group that will perform the work resulting from this artistic residency will be the duo Xuqr2 formed by Ricard Capellino (saxophones) and Ausiàs Garrigós (clarinets). The artist will be free to write for any combination of these instruments. It will also be possible to include the use of audiovisual processes (electronics, images, etc.) which must be previously discussed and approved by the organization.

The tutor in charge of guiding and assisting in case the resident artist requests it will be the composer Voro García.


The prize will be 600 Euros (~ $730), plus accommodation, and an amount of up to 100 Euros (~ $120) to cover all or part of the travel expenses as well as 150 Euros (~ $180) of per diem.

Who can apply?

Professional composers, as well as those in their early years of professional development, and students in the last years of undergraduate studies.

Application process

The application process will be published on the website of the festival Potries Music Fest. Send an email to including:

  • Personal information
  • Brief artistic proposal explaining what you would like to write
  • Two representative compositions of your choice: Scores and link to recordings (if available)
  • Curriculum Vitae

A panel of specialists in the world of contemporary music will consider the works and select the person who will be chosen for the residency. All the information will be available on the website

The registration fee will be 10 € ($12) and the payment must be made through the same website (non refundable).


The process will be published and applications will be opened on the 15th of December 2020.

The deadline for applications will be the 15th of January 2021, publishing the selected composer on the 1st of February 2021.

The residency will take place during a week in the month of April 2021 (to agree with selected candidate).

The concerts where the piece will be performed will happen between June and August 2021.

  • 13th of June 2021: Monestir de Santa Maria de la Valldigna
  • 17/18th of June 2021: Mostra Sonora de Sueca
  • August 2021: Potries Music Fest