Call for Recordings!

The Society of Composers, Inc. Student Council is excited to announce a call for recordings for our 2020 Fall Student Mixtape. The 2020 Fall Student Mixtape will feature works from student composers who identify as a person of color. Works may be for any instrumentation, but must meet the following requirements.

1. Composer must identify as a POC for consideration.
2. Composer must be a student (high school, undergraduate, or graduate).
3. Composer must be a member of SCI to be featured on the mixtape. However, composers may join after acceptance. Composers do not need to be members at the time of submission.
4. Recordings must be live recordings (with the exception of media works). Midi renderings will NOT be accepted.
5. Works must be 8 minutes or less in length.
6. Works with high quality recordings will be given preference.
7. Multimedia works (video, interactive web interface, etc.) will be accepted.
8. Works must be submitted via a link to a downloadable, stereo mp3 file (with the exception of media works).
9. Works of any aesthetic and instrumentation are accepted.

To submit, please complete the Google Form below. Please note that recordings should be submitted as links to downloadable mp3 files, unless the work is a multimedia work, in which case a link to the appropriate file type should be submitted. Please send all questions to Ryne Siesky at with the subject line “2020 Fall Student Mixtape Question.” Submissions are due by June 1st 11:59 EDT. Applicants will be notified of their status by August 20, 2020.

Google Submission Form: