The SoundChain International Composition Competition is a one-round composition competition for composers under the age of 40 for new multi-channel and stereo electroacoustic compositions. The competition is held every two years.

The aim of the competition is to encourage the creation and development of new innovative acousmatic compositions and to inspire young composers by creating related professional publications reflecting on newly created works and their technical and aesthetic character, and by continuously exploring this dynamically developing compositional field.

Compositions submitted to the competition must be between 7 and 20 minutes in length, and must not have been previously published, commissioned, or premiered outside an academic setting, and are then judged anonymously. The deadline for submissions is 30 September 2024.

A gala concert of the winners and other selected works will take place on 24 November 2024 at the Theatre on Orlí Street. Selected composers are not required to travel to attend the performance.

Conditions and Application


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The SoundChain International Composition Competition is organised in accordance with the statutes published on the competition’s website. Composers of any nationality who are not older than 40 years on the application deadline are eligible to participate.

Conditions for submitting a composition:

The MSS SoundChain is announced as a one-round composition competition. The primary criterion for deciding the winners will be the submitted recordings of electronic compositions, accompanied by a concept describing the compositional process, innovative approach, or use of hardware and software technology. While multichannel compositions are particularly welcome, participation with stereo compositions is also possible.

Each composition must be between 7 and 20 minutes in length. The presentation to the jury is anonymous.

The jury consist of teachers from the HF JAMU Composition and Multimedia Creation Department, as well as of other notable international composers. In the first iteration of the competition, the international jury member will be Trevor Wishart (United Kingdom). The names of other jury members will be announced after the prize decision on the competition’s website. The jury reserves the right to split or withhold the prize. The decision will be announced at the end of October 2024.

The first-place winner will receive a cash prize of CZK 20,000 and a partner’s gift (Max software license). This monetary amount is gross, meaning tax and any other applicable fees as per the laws and regulations in the Czech Republic must be deducted.

The second place will be awarded a partner’s gift (Max software license). Besides the winning composition, the jury will select up to five additional pieces to be performed during a concert in Brno at the Theatre on Orlí Street, which will take place as part of the awards ceremony on 24 November 2024.

Any queries regarding the competition can be sent to:

By registering, all participants in the MSS SoundChain agree to the competition terms and conditions and register for participation in the 1st SoundChain International Composition Competition 2024.

The MSS SoundChain also reserves the right to document and is authorised to visually and acoustically document all concerts or competition events for archival and promotional purposes. These visual and/or sound recordings may be used for promotion in all media and may be reproduced, distributed, displayed, broadcast, and made freely accessible to the public. Copyright remains with the composers.

The deadline for submitting applications with all required attachments (see below), sending works, and paying the administrative fee is 30 September 2024. After submitting the application, applicants may not make changes or additions to the submitted works.

The administrative fee for participation in the competition is CZK 500 per person and is non-refundable.

Bank details:

Name of the bank: Komercni banka a.s.

Address of the bank: Na Prikope 33, 114 07 Prague (Praha), Czech Republic – OR – Nam. Svobody 92/21, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic

Name of recipient (owner of the bank account): Janackova akademie muzickych umeni, Beethovenova 2, 662 15 Brno, Czech Republic

Account number/code of the bank: 27-0493900217/0100

IBAN: CZ 7701 0000 0027 0493 9002 17


Message for the recipient: SoundChain – name of the competitor (fill in – obligatory)

Materials required for participation in the competition:

  • Separate mono channels along with a stereo mixdown (for multichannel compositions) in WAV format (24 bit and 48 kHz)
  • A brief description of the composition of approximately one A4 page in PDF
  • A one-page curriculum vitae
  • A completed electronic application form
  • A copy of identity card (EU citizens) or passport
  • Confirmation of payment of the administrative fee

Audio files and the concept of the work must be submitted as a single compressed ZIP or RAR file. The compressed file must be sent via Dropbox, WeTransfer, or a similar service to

The CV, proof of identity, application form, and payment confirmation must be sent as attachments to the same email.