New Lecture Series!

The Composers Collaborative Project is a series of online lectures designed to provide a resource for composers of all ages and skill levels. If you are a composer eager to develop and hone your skills, you have come to the right place.

Many summer classes, festivals, and camps have been canceled due to COVID-19, leaving composers everywhere without the artistic and professional resources they would normally enjoy. Teachers have lost their summer jobs. Students are wondering where to turn for advanced learning.

The Composers Collaborative Project is designed to support both.

The CCP has recruited twelve esteemed composers from across the US to present lectures as part of this unique event. The CCP faculty represent a broad cross-section of the composition world: some are professors, while others are high-achieving freelancers. All are generously donating their time and talent to this project.

There is no official fee to participate in the CCP. However, we ask all students to please make a donation of any size to New Music USA, an organization that champions new music and has been providing financial relief to musicians across the country during the pandemic. Composition festivals and camps can cost thousands of dollars. Donating even a small portion of that to New Music USA can make a huge difference for artists who are facing financial challenges.

To register, simply make a donation to New Music USA. We hope you will consider the value of the classes we are offering as you decide how much to give. Our recommended amount is $300. However, all donations are accepted. For more guidance, see our FAQ page.

If you are interested in registering and/or learning more about the event, visit our website: composerscollaborative.comAll classes will be conducted via Zoom July 20-31. We hope you will join us!