Transient Canvas 2022 Composition Fellowship


Application Process: Please submit two sample scores from your existing portfolio (plus two recordings if available) alongside a short proposal outlining your vision for a collaboration with Transient Canvas. Only one application per person. If you have any questions, see the FAQ below or email us at

The Transient Canvas Composition Fellowship is made possible in part thanks to the generous support of Jonathan Aibel and Julie Rohwein, as well as grants from The Alice M Ditson Fund and the Boston Cultural Council, Administered by the Mayor’s office of Arts and Culture. Winners of the Composition Fellowship will receive a stipend of $1000, three performances of their works, audio/video recordings of the premiere performance, and workshops with Transient Canvas.


Applications are due on January 3, 2022 at 11:59pm Eastern Time. Please do not wait until the last minute to submit as the portal will close at 11:59pm ET. Late applications will not be accepted.


  • Do I have to submit a new piece for bass clarinet and marimba?

No, please do not compose a new piece for this application. Out of respect for your time, this application is meant to be relatively quick to submit. If selected for a fellowship, we will collaborate on a new work for bass clarinet and marimba for a premiere in Fall 2022.

  • Can I submit a fixed media piece that does not have a score?

What you submit should best represent your work. Keep in mind that, if selected for a fellowship, we will work with a score.

  • Can I submit a link to a YouTube video of a live performance?

If the video element is crucial to your piece, yes. If not, please just send audio.

  • Can I link to my Soundcloud for the recordings?

If your file is already hosted on another platform and easily accessible via a link, this is fine.

  • What is the time commitment if selected for a fellowship? Do I need to relocate for the year?

The time commitment is up to each fellow. We supply fellows with ample rehearsal time, workshops, etc. all on Zoom and recorded on ECamm for higher quality audio during our collaboration together. There is no requirement to be physically present for any part of the collaboration, including the performance. We offer flexible deadlines, with a goal of a world premiere performance in Fall 2022.

  • Can I propose a project that uses electronics?

Yes, we are happy to work with electronics. Feel free to look at our repertoire page for examples of some of our repertoire that uses electronics.

  • What are you looking for in a proposal?

The proposal should give us insight into how you collaborate, what kind of music you might write for us, and how we might work together. Though there is no specific word limit, please keep it brief.

  • How are fellows selected?

Each year we have an independent panel score each application, with the highest scored applicants moving to the second round. Then we score the second round applicants and choose our final winners. The score each applicant receives is determined by the quality of the portfolio samples and the proposal narrative. Panelists change every year. A list of previous panelists is below.

  • How many fellows are selected each round?

We aim for 2-4 winners each round, varying depending on funding. As of now, we have not determined the exact number of fellows for the 2022 round.