Call for Scores!


Different From Before!

The VLAMO Composition Contest 2021 looks somewhat different from previous years. Instead of holding one annual contest for both concert band and fanfare band compositions, we will now alternate between the two disciplines. In this way, we want to further stimulate and inspire composers to create a piece of music tailored to the intended type of orchestra and its instruments. Quality over quantity, as it were. This year’s contest caters exclusively to fanfare repertoire.

In Need of High-Quality Fanfare Repertoire!

Fanfare bands continually underline the importance of new, high-quality repertoire for all levels, with sufficient attention to lower divisions. The survey and round table discussions we organized in the run-up to our heritage application showed that. The limited sales market and the fanfare band’s unique line-up are seen as obstacles. Many existing pieces are arrangements from concert band or brassband repertoire, which do not always take into account the typical instrumentation of the fanfare band.

Standing up for the Fanfare Band!

At VLAMO, we want to contribute actively to new and high-quality fanfare band repertoire. In addition to our biennial composition assignment for the VLAMO Open Fanfare Championship (which caters to the higher divisions), our renewed composition contest will now also be looking exclusively for fanfare music for the lower divisions. This way, we provide fanfare bands with new music annually!

Contest objectives:

  • To enlarge the repertoire for fanfare bands in 2nd and 3th division.
  • To stimulate composers to write pieces for this degree of difficulty.
  • To contribute to the composers’ and performers’ international recognition.


VLAMO organises an international composition contest for fanfare band, with a timing as follows:

  • August 31st 2021: deadline to submit the composition (postmark or e-mail date counts).
  • September 2021: judging of the works and proclamation at the end of the month.
  • The winning works will be performed at a later date.


There are two (2) prizes:

  • Prize for the best work in 3th division (grade 1): 2500 euro (2990 USD)
  • Prize for the best work in 2nd division (grade 2): 2500 euro (2990 USD)


Composers from all over the world are invited to compete in the contest. There is no age limit.

  • The composition must be written for fanfare band (instrumentation: see below).
  • The composition’s degree of difficulty is not higher than grade 1 (third division) or grade 2,5 (second division).
  • The duration of the composition should be at least 6 minutes and no longer than 8 minutes (to be mentioned in the score).
  • The submitted work is a stand-alone composition. Parts of a larger work (like a symphony or a suite) are not accepted.
  • The submitted work has to be new and original, arrangements or re-orchestrations of existing compositions are not allowed.
  • Each composer can submit only one work.
  • Until the end of the contest, submitted works must meet the following criteria:
    • the composition has not been published;
    • the composition has not been performed during a public concert or broadcasted on any media;
    • the composition has never received an award or a mention during another national or international composition contest.
  • Participants must submit the full score and all band parts.
    • This can be done by mail or by e-mail (PDF format only).
      Address: VLAMO (t.a.v. Martin Gobyn), Charles de Kerchovelaan 17, B – 9000 Gent / E-mail:
    • A code word (or title), chosen by the composer, must be written on the scores.
    • The scores are submitted together with a separate envelope (or file) with the same code word written on it. This envelope contains the completed registration form with the signed authenticity statement, a resume and a recent photo. (registration form: see below)
    • The composer’s name or anything that can lead to identification should not be noted anywhere on the score or on the parts.
  • A professional jury will judge all submissions.
  • The jury can decide not to award all of the prizes if the required level is not reached.
  • The jury’s decision cannot be appealed.
  • If the award-winning composers want to publish their work, the score should mention the following: “winner of the International Composition Contest VLAMO 2021 (Belgium)”.
  • By participating, the participant accepts the conditions of the competition


  • Soprano saxophone: non obligato
  • Alto Saxophone: 1 – 2 parts
  • Tenor Saxophone
  • Baritone Saxophone: doubled by other instruments
  • Es-cornet: doubled by other instruments
  • Flugelhorn: 2 – 3 parts
  • Trumpet : 2 – 3 parts
  • Horn/althorn: 2 – 3 parts
  • Trombone: 2 – 3 parts
  • Baritone
  • Euphonium
  • Tuba
  • Percussion: maximum 4 players