The ultimate program for young musicians who want to write & perform their original music in 3 weeks or less!


Mon-Fri on Zoom
July 1-19, 2024 (except July 4-5)
10:30 am. – 12:30 p.m. Pacific
(1:30 – 3:30 p.m. Eastern)

To those of you who are nurturing a young music student in their artistic growth — kudos for helping them embark on this wonderful journey!

Studying music is a great way to encourage young students to exercise problem-solving skills, develop a sense of discipline, and practice working as part of a team.

Yet, new musicians — adults and kids alike — often decide to learn an instrument because they want to find a new way to express themselves.

But after decades of experience in my own musical journey, I will tell you —

Simply learning how to play an instrument does not give students this freedom of expression, even when they get pretty skilled at it.

Many young musicians find themselves having to perform in a manner that is acceptable to their directors or instructors.

While there will always be something to learn from this method of training, it can leave students asking, “When do I get to play what I want? Is this what I signed up for?”

In some cases, this can result in students not practicing, even if they say that they are truly interested in music.

Or, even when you find your child “practicing,” they aren’t really playing what has been assigned to them.

However, what I often want to tell parents is —

Your kid can have their cake, and eat it too! They can study music in a traditional manner and still have a say over how they want to express themselves.

One of the best ways for young musicians to develop or regain this sense of freedom is by writing their own music.

If you have a young music student who is constantly

  • noodling around on their instrument,
  • making up their own songs, or
  • trying to figure out new tunes by ear,

then learning to compose their own original music could give them the key to unlock their artistic voice!

Let me assure you, the roadblocks that you are facing with your child are not your fault!

If you have helped them to get an instrument and/or begin lessons, you are already helping them make strides towards success!

The thing is, both classroom music programs and private lessons tend to be very performance-focused.

Kids learn how to play their instruments and read music. They are assessed by how well they perform, and if your child is in a very competitive program, these festivals and competitions can consume quite a bit of the curriculum during the school year.

And there’s nothing wrong with that!

In fact, if your child is performing regularly, they are probably getting a very healthy music education.

But how would your child feel if they could be empowered to:

  • take their learning into their own hands?
  • be confident in their ability to express themselves?
  • turn their creative ideas into something that they can share with the world?

Introducing the. . .
You(th) Can Compose! Summer Workshop™

The ultimate program for young musicians who want to write & perform their original music in 3 weeks or less!

And I promise, it will be downright fun! All while equipping your child with the tools that they need to be the self-driven and highly creative artist that they are.

In YCCSW, your child will find inspiration in experimenting with a variety of approaches to writing music.

As their ideas blossom over the course of both weeks, they will develop the ability to shape their inspirations into a performance-length original work.

Ultimately, they will feel empowered to make their own decisions about their artistic vision and gain the freedom to more fully express their own creative impulses.

Sign up before June 5th and save!

Enroll and pay in full by Wednesday, June 5th in order save $100 off of any tuition package.

All you need to do is complete your application at the link below and use the coupon code EARLYBIRD24 at checkout.

Hi, I’m Sakari.

In addition to living my dream as a freelance composer and violist, I’ve also had the privilege of teaching hundreds of K-12 students over the last decade in one-on-one and group settings.

With every new teaching opportunity, I eagerly embrace the challenge of tailoring a curriculum that is “just right” — one that meets students where they are currently but also pushes them to reach new heights in pursuit of their individual goals.

Like many music students, I got my start in elementary school.

It wasn’t long before I decided that music was what I wanted to do for a profession, so I took advantage of every opportunity to soak up whatever instruction I could get from the many directors and school teachers who supported me.

I signed up to learn the violin as soon as I had the chance, but my parents weren’t able to afford private lessons until I was in the middle of high school.

Thanks to a composition project in my orchestra class in the 6th grade, I became obsessed with writing my own music.

Whenever I had time outside of class, I wrote duets, trios, and quartets for friends to perform. Year after year, I asked my teachers for permission to program several of these works on school concerts.

Little did I know, this sort of determination that I learned from composing and getting my music performed was the perfect practice for the “real world.” My desire to take risks and create my own opportunities has been key to my success as a freelancer.

It’s a skill that can be applied to any field, and it has helped me to be resilient in an ever-changing world!

I don’t think I would have learned that so early on if I were only waiting on my directors and mentors to give me instruction.

For this reason, I have always been passionate about giving young music students tools to express themselves fully and take charge of their own education. Composing music is the perfect way to start!

So, what’s it like in the program?

Over the course of three weeks, your child will participate in interactive projects where they will explore many different approaches to writing music.

They will love being able to interact with our esteemed guest artists — professionals who will share about their music careers and their approach to composing.

YCCSW students will have the rare opportunity to work directly with these professionals and receive input on their work.

Since this program is in a small group setting, your child will have plenty of opportunities for individualized feedback while being able to learn from and interact with their peers.

By the end of the program, your child will compose and perform at least one solo piece, which they will showcase in a YouTube recital at a private link.

The You(th) Can Compose! Summer Workshop will be a great opportunity for your child to take their musical inspirations and make them into a reality! On top of that, they will be able to share their hard work with all of their family and friends.

Your child may be a perfect fit if they:

  • are a “go-getter”
  • are an instrumentalist between the ages 10-18
  • have at least 1 year of experience studying music
  • love to problem solve and explore

Give them just what they need to excel in their passion for music!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the investment for the program?

Tuition for the You(th) Can Compose! Summer Workshop starts at $675 per student.

This includes enrollment in daily, two-hour group classes plus a one-year subscription to Breezin’ Thru Theory where your child can continue to practice their musicianship skills all year long.

Looking for even greater value and more individualized support?

  • Upgrade to the Concertino package ($800 total) to get all of the above PLUS two 45-minute, one-on-one lessons during the program.
  • Upgrade to the Premier package ($1130 total) to get everything in the Concertino package PLUS 6 additional one-on-one lessons to be used after the You(th) Can Compose! Summer Workshop. That’s 8 private lessons at a 20% discount compared to the standalone private lesson rate! This offer is not available anywhere else!

And remember –

Investing in the You(th) Can Compose! Summer Workshop will empower your child to become a more well-rounded musician.

Today’s most successful artists are multifaceted and rarely fit into cookie-cutter ideas of what a music career looks like, so why start them off that way? Your child might even discover a musical path that is just the right fit for them!

Even if your child does not intend to pursue music as a profession, they will gain so much joy in knowing that they have the power to express themselves in the way that they see fit.

With any package you choose, make sure you use the code EARLYBIRD24 at checkout to save $100 off of your enrollment by June 5th!

Can I pay with a payment plan?

You certainly can! There are actually two payment options:

  • Option 1: Choose “Pay Now” or “Pay with PayPal” in order to pay in full.
  • Option 2: Choose “Pay with PayPal” to get the option to pay in installments.

There are two ways to pay in installments using PayPal:

  • PayPal Credit, which charges no interest as long as you pay the full amount in 6 months, or
  • Pay in 4, which breaks your tuition into four interest-free payments.

What are the class sizes?

In order to make sure that your student has access to plenty of support, classes will hold a maximum of 10 students.

What is the time commitment for the course?

In order to make sure students are ready to get the most out of YCCSW as soon as it begins, there will be a mandatory orientation to be scheduled in late June.
Classes will run from Monday, July 1st to Friday, July 19th. Students will have 2-hour workshops on Zoom every weekday from 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Pacific Time (1:30 – 3:30 p.m. Eastern Time).

In addition to the live Zoom workshops, students will need to set aside time to work on their composition projects outside of class. Your student can expect to do work independently for at least 30 minutes per day of the class, although this may vary from student to student.

What technology is required?

Chances are, you have everything that you already need at your fingertips!

But if you would like to be sure, here is what your child will need to have the best experience:

  • a computer or tablet with a built-in camera and microphone
  • headphones
  • a minimum internet speed of 4.0 Mbps
  • the Zoom video conferencing app on their device (Download it for free at View the full system requirements here.)
  • exclusive access to their devices during class. (If more than one child will be attending, each will need their own device.)
  • a printer is recommended, but not required

What if my student has little to no experience with composing or music theory?

That’s perfectly fine! In fact, the You(th) Can Compose! Summer Workshop is a great place for them to get started.

In YCCSW, they will learn to take their inspirations and make them into a piece that they can perform. Having a fully-completed piece will give them the confidence that they need to continue to express their musical ideas.

If your student does have experience with composing, then they will have plenty of support in taking their skills to the next level. They will also explore many different approaches to writing music so that they can have more techniques to draw from in future pieces.

Does my student need to be able to read music?

Yes! Your child will need to have a basic knowledge of reading on a musical staff (i.e. reading notes in treble, alto, and/or bass clef). This includes guitarists, who may be used to reading tablature or lead sheets.

They will need to be able to identify basic rhythms, name the pitches that they see, and perform from sheet music using their primary instrument.